New Crestie Dad!

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Just rescued this little cutie from a local pet store.
Named PTerri Dactyl.
She is tiny, only 2 grams!
Active, settled in to her new home, but hasn’t eaten or pooped in 4 days.
Using Pangea G&B last 2 days.


Rearranged “her” Critter Keeper tonight and added the tp tube.


Awesome! If you can’t get her to eat you could try feeding crickets. She does seem a bit young to be sold though. Couldn’t be more than a few days old.


It would probably help to black out 3 sides of her container (sides and back) and keep her in a quiet area and refrain from handling her. She’s probably extremely stressed from being at the pet store and then traveling home with you. The toilet paper tube was a great idea & should help her feel more comfortable.

In the future, though, keep in mind that every time you buy an animal from a store, you are supporting them financially & rewarding them for their business practices. So buying your new baby just gave the store more motivation to treat pets poorly again in the future, as it made them money the first time.


I agree with @mblaney as hard as it is too see the reptile not bring cared for, but it will happen to more reptiles if they sell some.

But at the same time it’s so hard to see them and leave them :pensive:

Keep temp around 25c, humidity around 70-80% and offer small insects (such as crickets) no bigger than the width of its eyes that have been gut loaded dusted.

I agree blocking out 3 sides might encourage it to eat.

It looks like it’s only a few days old :flushed: with stuck toes! If so, you need to unstick those toes (carefully) before it causes serious damage.

Congrats on your first Crestie


Judging by the stuck crests that’s literally 1/2 days old!
How on earth is that ok to sell at that age/weight?!
I’ve seen breeders sell at 3/4g, I’m one of the only people who wait 10/15g!
That poor thing comes out of an egg and within days sold on for money :angry:

Stick what that pangea, but I would mix in a fruit one with it, I use in fig and insect as that’s a fav here, smells amazing!

Unfortunately with people buying the shop won’t stop. Blooming awful, clearly they only care about 1 thing. I have never and will never buy from a show who buy in ‘bulk’ like they do. I think with the amount of breeders about now that should stop. I know it won’t happen but if people want to get into reptiles buying from a breeder is 100% better as you know where that reptile has came from and the care it’s had etc.

Let us know how it gets on. And when eating start offering pin head crickets at first, then go up to small. 2/3 times a week! Should get him/her gaining steadily and nicely for you!


Just a quick one month update.
Pterri is doing well, eating much better now, and has shed twice since last post.
Very active, climbs out right onto my hand every night when I’m feeding, cleaning etc.
Caught her VERY fired up a few nights ago!

Thank you all so much for your concern over her health and well being!


Your Crestie is looking good, glad it’s eating well now :relaxed:

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I love the color of the bottom baby, so beautiful