New crestie keeper

As some of you have seen, I have added some cresties to my family. I have done research on how to care for them but I know some of you have your own advice you want to throw out there. So PLEASE have at it. I love building my knowledge on my precious reptiles! Thank you!

Best thing to do is do some research on how they should be kept

Most important things

Small enclosure for a baby

No communal housing unless you are housing sub adult or adult females.

Temps between 70-80, no supplemental heat or light that would make them overheat and kill them.

There are tons of caresheets out there for the rest.

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Thank you! :blush:

Paper towel as substrate or eco earth? I know they don’t eat off the ground so I’m not sure I would be worried about impaction.

Usually when an animal first arrive I like to keep them on paper towel to monitor bowel movements especially with young gecko since it’s not always evident whether they eat or not, later on it’s whatever work for you, I like my gecko in bioactive setups.

Food I always recommend of the ground on a ledge and as far as brand Pangea.

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Thank you! - I do currently have them on paper towels. I have their food about mid way up their tanks - so maybe lower it? I have seen one visibly eat from it though! I bought repashy as well. I will probably get some pangea soon.

Midway is usually where I place it with young individual once they get holder I like to put it on the top so you should be fine.

Thanks, I appreciate it😊