New display!

I managed to get my hands on a used commercial reptile display. 4 levels, all sliding, uvb capabilities, programmable (if I can find the PIN or a way to reset it lol), dividers in some levels, all working! In the process of cleaning it up now, hope to have it clean and inside by this weekend. There’s a couple panels of glass cracked, I was told a bearded dragon did it lol, that I plan on sealing. Definitely excited to get this thing running! (And to anyone who finds one, they are heavy!!)

The plan as of now is to have my favorite male corn snake in the top tank (no dividers), my other male corn on the bottom (one tiny portion divided), some dubia or isopods in the tiny one, my pair of hognoses in a divided (almost equal, she’ll get the slightly bigger side lol) and I haven’t decided yet about the third short tank (also divided almost equal). But the chore now is to clean it, then move it inside!


Interesting pickup. I look forward to seeing it once you’ve set it up.