New female incoming hidden Hets?

So got a new girl coming in that’s gonna be ready for breeding by next year (just gotta get a few more grams on her) and while she is mostly to test if breeding is for me I’m wondering if there’s more to her besides just what appears to be a very light colored Anery. Another breeder friend of mine called attention to how light she was and suggested maybe having something else going on. This is a Pic from the listing and can get better pics (belly shots or close ups) once I have her sometime next week. Any ideas?


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I don’t know if there is way of telling in corns if it carrying hidden traits or not. But I wouldn’t be surprised most cornsnakes it seems have hets, upon hets that people don’t either know about or just to many to list. I found this out from breeding cornsnakes many years ago. I would have all kinds of stuff popping up in cluthes that should not have been there. Pretty baby congrats.


Well okay so I sorta mistitled. I had just wondering if anything visual would suggest something since she’s a bit lighter than what a breeder friend of mine considered normal. I’m sure she’s got plenty of hidden potential. The seller simply sold her as a straight Anery.

I’m not really seeing anything. A few hets can give hints of their presence but not always. It tends to be from tag along genetic enhancers that are associated with the other genes. Like Caramel can have a high saturation of yellow and some hets show it noticeably but it is likely from another gene that hasn’t been teased out separate from Caramel, like the Red Factor equivalent to yellow. Took a long time to sort out Red Factor and Red Coat, because they were typically associated with Diffused.

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I’m hoping to breed her next year to my snow. That should tell me something. At least that’s the plan. I either get snakes with Hets or maybe some more snows.