New Gene Introduction: BURN

This gene was selected from African imports in the 2010s by NBK Reptiles. They selected many many different looking snakes at the time and over the years only kept the best and most promising ones. The Burn has been at their facility for over ten years, as NBK team have been working hard to develop the project and discover it’s real potential.

It’s finally time to reveal what we have been working on.

Here is a single gene Burn produced by one of our Super form this season

The gene has a few distinctive characteristics,

  • Burnt orange coloration
  • White highlights around the lower part of the pattern
  • increase in black pigments on the dorsal

There is a really interesting potential when mixed with YB as it creates a rich and vibrant colour and a granite look as well.

Burn YB

Enchi Burn YB


The super form brings things to another level! It takes the burnt colours to a vibrant golden look

Enchi Super Burn YB

Mochi Super Burn YB

We will have more amazing Burn combos to share with the community very soon this season as we have eggs incubating right now with incredible potential! ODYB Burns, Spotnose Burns, RSYB Burns… and obviously ones with some hets attached!!

Let us know what you think of the project and where do you see it go in the future!

Antoine Séguin
DPR coldblood and NBK Reptiles breeding manager


For some reason all the images saturation was dulled down as I posted the pictures… The gene is much more rich in the original photos


Looks like a genetic granite type and a color enhancing type in one animal! I can really see a difference in the burn yb! The mochi, super burns colors are crazy! Will you have any pics of super burns to see the super form of the single gene form?:+1: