New gene to be added, SOLAR gene [DONE]

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Species: Python regius
Name of Gene: Solar
First produced by whom: Justin Tricoci - Ontario Constrictor Designs
Year: Unknown
Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc): Co-dom
In complex with other genes?: Unknown as of 2021
Other names/aliases for it?: None
Description: Solar is a co-dominant gene which displays an increased orange pigmentation in the saddles, a deep black in the background coloration. It also often displays a classic “alien head” saddle, meaning a bulbous “head shape” with two “eyes” inside. All solars also have heavily pigmented ventral scales.

Appearance: What it does/looks like? increased orange pigmentation in the saddles, a deep black in the background coloration. It also often displays a classic “alien head” saddle, meaning a bulbous “head shape” with two “eyes” inside. All solars also have heavily pigmented ventral scales.
Proven: To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic? It has been reproduced many times by several breeders in Canada whom all agree on it’s co-dom status.
Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one? I have worked with this gene since 2013 and have made several combos with it which are distinct from the same combos that do not have the solar gene present.
Related Genes: None proven as of 2021
Problems: Any problems? None
Other History: Any additional history? The original breeder of this gene is no longer in the ball python industry. This breeder (OCD) and this gene (solar) were founded in Canada and as such only a small number of Canadian breeders have continued to work with this project.
Disagreement or Controversy: None
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Link to WOBP if exists Solar Ball - Morph List - World of Ball Pythons
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Pictured below are 2 super solars (outside) and a single gene solar (inside) as well as a solar pied.


It might be a good idea if you add a picture of that heavily pigmented belly.


Is it just me, or do I see no difference between the supers and single gene?


I am see that too, so maybe @peterwilliamsreptiles can provide more evidence (pictures) to clarify.

Concur with Riley, if the ventral is a defining feature then I would very strongly advocate for pics showing it.

Pete, Has anyone paired Solar to OD?



Not to my knowledge. So far I have made solar bumblebees, spiders, solar pieds, solar arroyos, and the super solars. On WoBP there are enchi and mojave combos as well. I’ve honestly stayed away from OD as I don’t think it will be compatible, and didn’t want to do that combo until I was more confident in my solar IDing ability. It will definitely make a nice OD I’m sure, but I’m not in a hurry to make any myself.

It’s extremely subtle for sure. Nothing earth shattering but it’s still “a real gene” nonetheless. In the supers, the black is darker and the orange has a more golden hue to it, VS the slightly more muted single gene. The pigmentation on the belly seems to be a liiiittle bit more enhanced but not terribly different than the single gene.

Can we see pictures of these please?
Also has anyone done any BluEL or BlkEL X Solar pairings?

I have my feelings about the reliability of WoBP… :unamused:

If you know anyone up there working with it that has OD and would be willing to make the pairing I would suggest it. I I hear where you are coming from but there have also been three other lines of OD proven out and at least one of them was very subtle, similar to what I see in your animals here


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Digging through my archives for the spider combos, hatched them back in 2015, can’t find the bee yet but here is the solar spider VS normal spider sibling. Solar arroyos JUST hatched and are deep in their first shed at the moment. There are solar mojaves on WoBP but nothing with fire to my knowledge.


Have these been proven without a doubt to be separate lines of orange dream? Or is it possible they are separate genes that are allelic which may be the case here?

I think this photo shows there is very clearly a difference when the “solar” gene is added.


RDR’s Tang, when bred to an Ozzy OD, made a super and when it was bred out the guy that did it could not tell he difference in the offspring. Brant Rustich (of the former Major League Reptiles) had two out of wild animals that behaved the same. To me, that speaks to them being “the same”. I will grant that they may be alleles, but if so then they are alleles with identical enough phenotypes as to make the matter moot.


Maybe not to the person who took the time to prove it out.

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RDR did not care, he still calls his Tangs but he also openly says they are just his line of OD.

As far as Brant… There is a discussion I could have there, but I will not do it on the open forum


I was more meaning the solar gene that has been submitted.

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Ah… My misunderstanding

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