New here, decided to share!

I have recently gotten into the reptile world, got my first ball pythons just this May. A male ghi pastave, and a female pastel ghi. I got them from a Repticon event, both eating live when I got them and neither has ever missed a frozen/thawed meal. I went to Repticon looking for two very specific morph combos, couldn’t find them so went with my gut to get the ghi’s. They are super friendly! And I can’t wait to breed them in coming years, super ghi’s are just beautiful! I have also ordered a new female from here and can’t wait to put her with my male. My dream combo from this group would be a black pewter blast, although I’ll be happy with whatever I get!

June first, Johnny second on the day I bought them. I’ll add a pic of the new female when she arrives next Tuesday :blush:


Congrats on those 2 as your very first snakes. Good luck on your future breedings!!!:blush:


@bluefeathurs congratulations :confetti_ball:

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Thanks! I love them, they are so calm and gentle!

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The new female arrived today! She’s a black pastel pinstripe trick, she is in shed so pics might not show her perfectly.

She is now in a temporary container for quarantine, I might try to take her to a vet sometime soon along with my others to learn how to sex them properly and a general check over.