New here - looking for markets and recommendations

Hey there,

My name is Steen. I’m new here. Found this place through Reddit.

I’ve only got one snake for now, but I’m interested in buying a couple of snakes. I’ve got a ball python, but I’m thinking of getting some more special snakes as my next. If anyone have any recommendations, that would be nice! :slight_smile:
I would have gone to Houten, but I did not get a ticket, so I’m also looking for markets like that in Europe to go to? Especially smaller markets, as I’m trying to look out for myself in the middle of this pandemic?

Looking forward to talking with you.


Hi Steenzoo :wave: welcome to the forum :blush:.

What sort of special snake do you have in mind?

This forum is actually just one part of the larger Morphmarket universe.

There is the Marketplace, where breeders from all over the world have their own stores and advertise their reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

You can find breeders local to yourself using the Morphmap and use the morph calculator help work out the genetics of certain species for breeding programs.


A lot of the European markets, expos and shows have been cancelled this year because of the pandemic. However, when things get back to normal the big shows are Hamm in Germany, Houten which you already know about, Arras in France, and Verona in Italy. There are other smaller shows also, but I don’t know the details of those.
Until meeting breeders and their snakes in person at the show is possible again, the morphmarket marketplace linked in the post above is a great way to browse what’s available from breeders near you.


I like this saying haha. But yeah @steenzoo this place is great to interact with others and if you ever have anymore questions.


:wink: @nathan_e


Yeah, I know all of the bigger shows in Europe, but I was especially hoping to get some tips of some of the smaller shows, now that the pandemic has cancelled all of the big ones. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to figure out how the morphmarket marketplace works, but I only seem to browse through american breeders. Can’t really say that’s anywhere near me here in Europa, haha :slight_smile:

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At the top of the market site you will see a USA flag. Click it and change it to the Europe flag.