New here! Need help

Hi guys I’m from the uk, and today brought a new boa due to my previous escaping,

I was just told hypo common boa which is supposedly 2 years old CB18
However very small looking very much on the thin side

and also very dry around the head looks asif she is going in to shed however I was just wondering if anyone could identify her as what she was brought for I only paid £70 so was very unsure, seems to look identical to adult hypos.

I think that is a good size for 2 yo maybe it is late 18’?its a male or female?

ah and put a lot more humidity is nearly to shedding

It’s a female and her head looks really white never seen it before if I’m honest

I think is shedding

Also if you are aware of many morphs she was sold to me as a hypo boa her bea I’ve never heard of that before :rofl: and was wondering if you know what it could mean at all?

I was told she is a hypo het black eyed Anery

yeah BEA exist never saw it with an hypo. but idk how you can tell if is truly a het BEA you should consider to ask it to the previous owner

Nice little hypo. Nothing to be worried about IMO, just going into a shed.

I dont think she looks unhealthy. I’d rather have one grown slower than a powerfed 6ft+ boa @ 2 years old.

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I spoken with the previous owner and he said the dad was a black eyed anery and mum was a hypo,
So only way of telling is to prove out which I won’t be doing any time soon so really no other way to say

Thanks again for you’re help

Yes totally agree just thought as a female she should be bigger, but the previous owner told me she is on a smaller F/T to what my male is so that will be why, and thank you very much she is a pretty little thing, I have put a humidity box in there and put her in for a few hrs and hopefully she’ll have a decent shed when ready as she seems really rough to touch at the moment. So going to leave her to it,
Also wish I could tell if what previous owner said her morph was is correct however unfortunately cannot tell.

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