New here - thanks for having me!

Hello, everyone!

New here to MM - Buuuuuuut not new to having and loving reptiles and amphibians! I’ll drop some pictures of my babies below. I have two leopard geckos and one tiger salamander. I also have some other animals that aren’t reptiles/amphibians but we will save them for later!

although I have experience with my leopard geckos I’m still learning about morphs and genetics. If you have an idea on what you think my Leo’s are, please let me know. I have done tons of research to learn about what they are or could be and I thought… Why not ask some more experienced people?:blush: I think I have a general idea on which type they are but I’m curious to know if I’m correct or close.

Anywayyy, thanks for reading, I’m excited to be here and excited to learn and grow!!




Hello and welcome! Good looking critters!

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Thank you!