New Highway Combos

from left to right. Super Gravel, Gravel or YB plus a new gene, Highway plus the new gene or Super Gravel plus the new gene, Highway

This is the second time I’ve paired my original Highway male with one of his daughters. Last year I already made a such animal like the third one from left. I wonder, what gene actually makes that as this time the female is not the same one like the one that gave birth last year to a baby like this. And the it’s the second animal in the picture that makes me believe that I’m really diggin’ a new gene here! Wether it’s a YB, what I think he is or might be a Gravel it’s carrying definitely a new gene here!


stunning. ill take them all :drooling_face:

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I second @samg. Those babies are :fire:


I’m definitely seeing Pompeii vibes in the 2nd one.

Pompeii =
(Clown Spotnose Redstripe Yellowbelly Black Pastel)

I’d even be willing to wager someone else’s right foot that there is Enchi in 2 and Pinstripe in 3 and 4… What are the chances?

The chances are zero. The male is a Highway from 2013 and the female is one of his daughters of 2016. The female who gave birth to her is a YB. So, there is no reason to find any other gene than a new one, which must be hidden in the HW male or the Gravel daughter. Last year I made one with her sister. Here I cannot confirm if she is YB or Gravel as I just hatched HW’s and this special one like the third animal so I was set back to square one on this one. See pics of the offspring from last year on my webpage, please.


You definitely have me intrigued then. The difference in each animal is crazy. Every one of them is amazing.

How far back can you guarantee the linage?

Would this be the “Xaloc” gene You mention on your website?

No, there is a Xaloc related clutch hatched 4 days ago. I’ll post pics when shed. They are different. The linage mentioned above is something really new! I’ll name it later on. It’s a slow discovery as I’m not a big breader and can’t produce so fast to discover what potential really might be there with all them new genes I’m working with. I’ve got a fine very selective collection though.

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and regarding the lineage: The original YB female is from Mike Wilbanks purchased back in 2007. The HW male from 2013 from a german breeder. The females giving birth to these babies are my own CB from 16 with the exact mentioned animals.


Beautiful animals!