New Hobbyist in Indiana

Hello all! I’m very excited to get my first ball python! It will be my first snake since the garter snake I had as a little girl. I recently acquired two young water turtles who reminded me how much I love reptiles. I’m looking forward to learning more about them. Just can’t get enough. I have a promising Normal girl in my Wish List but won’t be able to officially buy her until after our family vacation ending July 22nd. Fingers crossed she is still available then. I have my doubts though cause she is very purdy.


Welcome. Good to add another to the Indiana reptile horde- I mean community. :blush: If you need tips on BP keeping we are here to help.
@thecrawdfather We got another one. :slight_smile:


Hey! Welcome :+1:t2: I’m pretty new here myself as well. I really hope she’s still available after you vacation, have you asked about putting a deposit down to hold her? Might be worth looking into

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Welcome to the MM community. Good to have another reptile lover among us.
I hope you can get your normal girl
once you’re back from vacation.

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Yes welcome welcome Indy hobbyist here :slight_smile:

Welcome! I’m also in Indiana (Indianapolis area) :slight_smile:

Welcome! I’m one of the oddballs that lives down in southern Indiana, close to Evansville :joy:

Thank you for the welcome! We reptile lovers need to stick together since other people don’t seen to understand lol. I have been emailing the seller and they will take a deposit to hold her! I wasn’t sure what to offer for a deposit so offered just under a third of her purchase price. I’m new so didn’t know what was reasonable. We are going on vacation so have been saving money for that. Just didn’t want to worry my husband. I told the seller I can do more if necessary.


Lots of us Hoosiers here. Welcome!

Looks like there is going to be a change of plans. Our trip got canceled due to covid, which is sad. Hopefully it means I can get my girl sooner, which is a great consolation prize. She is still available. Fingers crossed I can get the sale finalized tomorrow. I accidently named her already so now she has to be mine lol!

What name did you settle on?

I just put the deposit down on my beautiful girl! It may sound kind of corny but I’ll probably name her Queen of Sheba. Queenie or Sheba for short. I have a bioactive 20 gallon vivararium all set up but will start her in a 6 quart tub until she is eating well and grows a bit. When Sheba is big I have a 75 gallon I will make into a large jungle vivarium for her.

Well congratulations, I bet it’s nice knowing she’s yours now.
That’s not corny at all, good name for a snake.
I think she’ll do just fine with you, good to hear you’ll start her out in something small and move her up as she grows .

It was a very nice relief to see Sheba’s picture with an “on hold” banner. Can’t wait to get her home and settled. She is already on F/T which I am thrilled about. I hope she grows to be a big, big girl lol.

Glad it worked out! The policy i have seen is 25% non refundable, but every breeder is different. Personally if i know im buying a snake, but have to hold off, i let the seller know my plans and ask if they are able to hold if i purchase the snake in advance. Have yet to have one say no if the time is reasonable (for instance i just did this for a 3 week long period because of a work trip). I was going to buy the snake anyways, so there was no point for a partial deposit, and now the seller knows they have made a full sale (and the snakes were marked sold instead of on hold haha). Its peace of mind for both the seller and I :slight_smile:

Just a quick update to anyone following. Sheba came yesterday and was calm and used to being handled. She’s a nice normal and maybe someday I’ll breed her to a multi gene male. I’m very happy with her and the seller has been great about answering my newby questions. I still have more questions about her care so will start a new thread in another section for those.


Glad you found a knowledgeable ans reputable breeder! And congrats on your snake :slight_smile:

Welcome from another fellow indiana reptile lover!