New leo breeder - Quick question! *Genetics*

Last year I bred a normal (from what I know) Female to an Albino (tremper) Male. Two of the offspring gave me a surprise. Out of the egg they were dark. I thought maybe it was because of low incubation temps but all of the pairs eggs were incubated at 80 degrees and the rest of the offspring were lighter. As they grew they were very different from the others. I don’t know a lot about genetics. I know snow (mack) is a co dominant trait but is there anyway it could have been somewhat hidden in my female? Or am I just crazy? If some one could answer this I would really appreciate it. First image is the father
Second image is the mother
Following 2 images are the 2 darker juveniles and the last image is what all the other offspring look like


Hello! From what I can see from the offspring, your female or male could be Mack Snow. Otherwise everything you got was about on point with what you should expect. All of them are non-albino with maybe one or two being snow (when they hatched were they yellow and black or white and black? That would be your answer for that).

As far as incubation temps, that usually only affects albinos and melanistics (Black Nights, Black Pearls, ECT). Otherwise it really doesn’t do much for their color. So it’s all just genetics. Every individual is going to be a bit different.

Thank you! And yes, the different hatchlings were pure black and white when they hatched. I don’t think I have any pictures of them when they first hatched tho. Again, thank you very much.

I agree with Absynthe, they look like Mack snows. Definitely the first two, possibly the third. Was the third one born black & white? As for which parent is the Mack, it’s hard to say, both look like possibles, but it is likely that only one is a Mack, since you didn’t get a super. How many offspring did this pair produce?

The one in the last picture hatched like all the others, like normal morphs. So I looked into my notes from last year and I totally mixed things up. Those black and white (the 3rd and 4th) picture were the only offspring from those pictured adults. I was moving during breeding season last year and waited till the last possible minute to move them. When I moved them my females stopped ovulating from stress I think. :worried: I know it’s not good but I had no choice. But all the others looked like the last pictured and they were all from a different female. So the two dark ones are the only ones I have from that pair and all I have to go off. This year I will pair them up again and see what happens. Tbh I’m really excited because I found this site by looking for a Mack snow for 2021’s breeding season and if I already have one I’m ahead of schedule. I thought maybe the female was the Mack. But how would I know if my albino is a Mack snow? If that’s what you were implying…

You won’t know until he produces a super snow.


to me it looks more u have a het Blizzard in there

Blizzard is a recessive trait. Het Blizzard Leopard Geckos do not look consistently different from normals. There are plenty of “granite” animals that are not het for Blizzard or Murphy Patternless.

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