New little froggies

So I got these two little frogs from my friend who caught them in his back yard. He had them for close to a month and didn’t want the anymore. They where being kept in a 6x9 1/2x5 inch enclosure with no land, no water conditioner, 1 inch deep water (if that) and water that smelled HORRIBLE. He really didn’t know better and I feel bad that animals go through this and worse all the time😢.

On a happier note they are now in a 16x21x12 inch enclosure with dry land, 4 inches of water (along with more shallow areas), places to hide, and of course water conditioner. I am also going to try and get some aquatic plants for them. Do you guys have any name suggestions?


Here is the enclosure size comparison and the two little froggies!


Hi @logar Logan! I could only make out the one in the picture but it is a cute little guy! Please don’t take this the wrong way but don’t you think it might be better for them in the long run to let them go back into the wild instead of being held captive? Again, I mean no disrespect to you in any way but it just seems to me they would be better off hopping around in the wide open spaces….,

Now that being said, I hope others will chime in with agreement or disagreement, or just offer up names……I can take the heat! lol! :blush:


Hi! I put the two pictures up, one pic of each frog ( I think :sweat_smile:). I don’t disagree with what you said but I think I am going to keep them. My friend wanted me to keep them rather than release them and they have been being fed by hand for the past month and I don’t want to risk them being used to it and not getting enough food. I also don’t know where they were found and releasing them in a different environment doesn’t always end well for them. I also kinda really like them already so that also :upside_down_face:. I may try to breed them in the future if they turn out to be a pair so that people can have them without taking them from the wild.


@logar Fair enough my friend! Best of wishes for your plans! :+1::blush: