New little toad!

I just got the teeniest little New Mexico Spadefoot Toad recently. Her name is El P and she eats tiny little fruit flies, which I have never seen before now.
I think she will be a great pet! Does anyone else have one of these guys?


No but they look very cool! We’d love to see yours!


Ok! I will take a picture of her tomorrow and post it! :+1::frog:


@spottedbull Here is my little toad girl El P (she came from El Paso lol!) She is so so tiny. I could not brush any of

the substrate off her because she is so fragile still. I hope I can find some more fruit flies tomorrow because she has already eaten a whole tube full! But she is still too tiny for anything else I can find around here!

This is the best picture I could take, or at least the best of my ability!


@spottedbull It just never ceases to amaze me how such tiny little creatures such as she is can thrive and grow! I can’t wait to hear her little toad voice one day! Lol! She is a great eater and her eyes are quite large. Some people may not think she is all that cute but I think she is downright adorable!!! Lol​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush:


Shes very cool! Toads are in our future for sure.


Oh I hope so! When she gets larger I will gently scent a F/T fuzzie with her and see if I can elicit a strong feeding response from my little problem child Hoagie hognose!

She is just way too cute! :frog::blush::snake:


Super cute! There’s an amphibian appreciation thread around here if you want to see the couch’s spadefoots (spadefeet?) I’ve caught recently. I really like them a lot, especially compared to the other toads we have here. They’re cuter and seem to have more relaxed personalities.


So beautiful :heart_eyes:


Utterly adorable! I can’t wait until El P grows a bit more! But I did not realize how tiny she would be and she gobbled up all of her fruit flies today so I am going on safari tomorrow to find more. She is way too small even for small crickets……:frog::snake::lizard:

And yeah, is it spadefoots or spadefeets? Lol!:frog: