New nursery babies 2i and 3i and 4i

I have several baby scorpions that ive aquired most are too small to have their own enclosure so most are in deli cups and snap top boxes.

Baby Asian forest scorpions

My 3i Hottentotta Tamulus ( Indian red scorpion )

My Androctonus Australis dark

My Leiurus Heberti ( Hebrew Deathstalker )

My Hottentotta Franzwerneri

My Tityus Obscurus ( obscure fattail )

My hottentotta Judaicus

My Androctonus Liouvillei

My Androctonus Australis Hector

My Parabuthus Villosus Orange

And just for fun my very fat either premolt or possibly gravid Leiurus Quinquestriatus ( Deathstalker )


They’re all so interesting, and so different from one another! Which have you had the longest?

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Probably my Android Australis.

How old are they? How old are they generally when you get them?

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I typically get them as 2i ( this is the 2nd skin) which is after they leave moms back which may be a week.

Age can be a relative term since each species has unique growth. Some species reach adulthood really fast such as Tityus Serrulatus which is approximately 8 months.
Hottentotta Franzwerneri for example is a slow growing species that takes a few years to reach adults. Heat and food sources and feeding intervals affect their growth rate. Some scorpions have 6 instars while some species may have 7 ( male ) 8 ( female ) average lifespan is 3 to 5 but some species may live 10 to 15 captive scorpions tend to live longer on average because outside influences such as environment, predation, food sources, exposure to chemicals etc. have been removed or in the case of environment and food they are pretty consistent and stable. I try to feed my scorpions variety of foods for better nutrition crickets, meal worms, super worms, horn worms dubias and red runners. I feed my feeders premium foods so they are more nutrients rich. I may feed them once a week depending on what they ate. With my babies 2i and 3i they get fresh killed insects. Its difficult to find prey small enough for them to handle. Some of my babies are only about as big as my fingernail and some insects may be as big as them they will typically flee and when they are small it may be hard for their aculeus ( stinger ) to penetrate the insects exoskeleton

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Lots of good info there. Thanks!

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Beautiful scorpions! I especially love the H. franzwerneri, I just love the colouring they have. But they’re all gorgeous!


Thanks :heart: the Parabuthus Villosus Orange will look amazing as it ages too. Im really hoping my Hottentotta Tamulus gets the red tail and pedpalps ( some variations just kinda have a yellow brown coloration

This is how i hope my baby will look. Right now she is only 3i so she has some maturing to do. :crossed_fingers:

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