New owner here, how will I know if he's happy?

I just recently got my ball python about 5 days ago, I have a thermostat hooked up to the best mat to try to ensure it was staying the proper temperature, so I’ve really been worried just hoping it’s keeping him warm enough. But since I got him, he stayed in his hide for about the next 2 days then shed and really hasn’t came out much after that besides 1 time when I woke up and saw him drinking from the water bowl. I was told when I got him he was feed a week ago and he’d be ready for food in a few days.

I’m just kinda over worrying maybe but don’t want him to feel uncomfortable or go hungry. But he hasn’t showed any interested or prowling around or paying me heavy attention as if he was hungry like most people said he would and instead just sleeps in his hide all day. I just worry I could be doing something wrong.

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Ball Pythons are generally nocturnal, during the day, you really shouldn’t see him out exploring too much. If you do, something is bothering him. Check on him in the middle of the night and I’m sure you’ll find him out moving about.

As far as worrying about him being hungry, don’t. Ball pythons have the most efficient metabolism you can imagine. A well started ball python can easily go a year without feeding.

As an owner who isn’t used to reptilian pets, your instinct is probably going to be to over feed it. At no point does it ever need to eat more than 2-3 times a month as long as your feeding a properly sized meal.


Generally speaking, a hiding ball python is a happy ball python. If they’re cruising around during the day, it’s usually a sign that something is off in their environment. That being said, there are outliers. I have one derp noodle that will come out to investigate around 10AM every morning or so. I’m certain this is because I check on all my animals at around 10 and he’s a nosy turd.


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Booplesnoot is that way. Everybody else is all miffed at me for entering the room and Booplesnoot imediately starts to try and get my attention by climbing the tank so ill take him out. Curious bugger.


Sounds normal for a BP, however if you are worried, you could always share your husbandry details (substrate, temps, humidity, etc) If anything is off we could steer you in the correct direction :slight_smile:


So far you seem to be doing things good. If you want you can post a picture of the enclosure and we can check it. As said above they’re nocturnal so you likely won’t see them during the day. Snakes can go way longer than you think without food, so you don’t have to worry about him going hungry.

You beat me to it, I was going to say the same exact thing. :rofl: