New Pair of Leopard Geckos

I had bought my daughters a Normal female 2 weeks ago and gave it to them for Christmas. She was a hit! My wife really likes her too which is nice. She seems to tolerate our collection of Ball Pythons but really thought the Leopard Gecko was cute. Knowing my nature I knew I’d be looking into collecting and breeding Leopard Geckos soon as well. Well, I pulled the trigger and bought a pair of Extreme Bolds. I think they are beauties. Obviously I would pair them as well as the Normal Female with the EB male. Just wondering what other morphs might go well with Extreme Bold? I like Tangerine Bolds a lot as well as well as White and Yellows. Would these be good compatible morphs?


Tangerine and W&Y would both look great with your beautiful extreme bolds. Just be aware that the W&Y gene has some associated genetic problems.


Thanks for the heads up on the W&Y. I was not aware they had issues but am aware of Enigmas and Lemon Frost. I’ll do some more research on that morph!

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On W&Y there are very few individuals that have problems, from what I’ve read if they do have problems they get better as they get older, I personally don’t know anyone having problems with this, usually the problems are passed down if the breeder hasn’t had problems with it then most likely you wouldn’t either. It’s still a risk, the problems with W&Y are usually equilibrium issues. If you keep the hatchlings to breed later be sure not to breed W&Y to another W&Y because from what I’ve heard it is usually fatal.

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Wy would be good. I heard about the wy issue but I haven’t seen it in my wy breeders or babies. My favorite pairing in 2018 was a mack snow and Bold Jungle mack snow. The babies hatched were bold jungle mack snow from that pairing. They sold but I attached a picture of one of them before it sold.


To my mind, the most beautiful thing you can do with an extreme bold is to focus primarily on the boldness. You can keep it in the back of your mind if you want to work towards more tangerine ( à la Firebold) or white (à la Albey) in terms of a background color. Splitting your focus right off the bat seems like a bad idea to me, especially if you’re not conversant in all the morphs yet.

If you’re working towards a more white background color, I’d avoid taking the easy route and using Mack Snows. The gene would just make it hard to tell how well you’re doing with your selective breeding if you mix Mack in there. Selectively bred stuff tends to hold value a lot more.

Another thing to remember is that, even if you got a zillion W & Y and never experienced any issues, morphs with poor reputations, warranted or not, especially those that are hard to definitively identify, will drive away some potential buyers. Of all the potentially deleterious morphs in leos thus far (Lemon Frost, Enigma, NDBE, W & Y are the ones that come to mind), W & Y is the least consistently identifiable.


Although I do not plan on crossing with WY I do with Tangerine down the road or Tangerine Bolds as I’d like to have these as well. I do agree with focusing on the boldness as far as breeding goes. The first thing I would do would be to breed this pair and see what I get from that.