New Paludarium Tank. What should I put in it?

I have a new large 36’‘x18’‘x36’’ paludarium. What should I put in it???

You’ll need to assess what sort of things appeal to you for a general idea. Otherwise the recommendation list will be potentially huge.

If I was looking to fill one that size I’d consider rough green snakes, an Amazon tree boa, Cuban false chameleon and so forth.

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How experienced are you? What kind of pet do you want? Display or handleable little buddy? Are these going to be a breeding population? or would you be okay with a species that cannot be cohabbed and is meant to be a solo animal? Is this your first paludarium? Would this be your first of some species?

There’s a lot that would affect how we answer, so the more you can tell us about yourself, the better we can be at giving you a shot at keeping something that will bring you delight!