New pick-up for eldest

Eldest added this girl to her growing crestie colony - Phantom Red from Geckological’s ‘Dred’ line. Not going to lie, I really like this animal much more than the Cream Harlys she has LOL


It’s a Red Bicolour Dalmatian, phantoms are very clean and usually no patterning other than Dal spots which can happen like out Phantom Lily with red spots. We also have a Phantom Quadstripe, so wouldn’t have the white dots on side if a Phantom. :blush:
Cute Little frog bum though, usually go more burgundy/brown when an adult being the colour it is now :blush:
Any breeding plans with this one? :grin:
Will she be going to one of her harleys? Love to see breeding plans with cresties. Gets me excited for the future haha.


Reds make some awesome Cresties.

Very cute Crestie.

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I… Am going to trust Tom’s identification on this one as he is not exactly a stranger to understanding cresties :grin:


No plans yet, this girl still needs to grow up a little. But yeah, eventually she will probably go with a Harley. Unless eldest picks up something else LOL


Just to clarify, I thought a phantom pinstripe usually have muted colours on the dorsal and lateral area as well as a darker row of scales or white/cream row of scales where a pinstripe would be. Whether it is full, partial, or dashed.

At least that is what i have researched (I’m trying to do a morph guide for my website)

If so, then I agree it is phantom

Maybe the uk is different but here that’s what we call them, we have a phantom quad which has no marking other than the lines. But found recently a lot of breeders call morphs different things!

Haha most definitely will get more then, they’re addictive! :joy:


It’s pretty either way :grin:

I didn’t think bicolour had any white or cream on the dorsal.

Crestie morphs are complicated :upside_down_face:

What’s important is it looks healthy :smiley:

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You can get bicolour pinstripes etc :blush:
Example from Pangea.


Oooo pretty :heart_eyes:

I just found that one on pangea website and it shows it as a phantom pinstripe… So to make sure I understand…a phantom pinstripe is a bi-colour with white pinning? Yes or no?

That’s not the gecko by the phantom pinstripe on their site. The one above is a bicolour pinstripe.
Phantom pinstripes have a darker coloured row of scales like reverse pins, if you look on their site you’ll see the phantom one, blonde like.
But in the uk we only call phantoms clean geckos with no markings on the side etc which I’m sure you’ve seen, I’ve spoken to breeders about them also as when we got our girl, she was a new morph we added, mutes out markings, patterns etc. I’ve only seen phantom Quadstripes here myself and phantom Lily whites, both clean with no other markings etc other than Dal spots or the lines on the quads.
But the us do have a different takes on a lot of morphs, completely different names too on some so it makes it confusing for people being told one thing when really if you look them up and into it more it’s something else or a different name to what someone’s been told.
Fun and confusing :joy:


Ha ha ha :rofl: not confusing at all :woozy_face:

I was looking at the correct area but got totally confused.

I’ve seen phantom Lilly White’s, of course :grin: and I previously owned a bi-colour. Which I can tell the difference, I just got cuffufleded :upside_down_face:

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