New pictures of a few snakes

Here is my keeper male from this year’s babies.

I know it not a boa but his colors where very nice the other day. He’s a purple albino motley retic.

Take care


Beautiful keeper. The non Boa is a looker as well. How many tics are you working with?


I only have the one retic for a pet. I no longer breed retics. I have limited space for my snakes and the retics take up to much space. I like having one retic around this way when one of the boas won’t eat I know the retic will. This way I don’t wast food.


I want a retic one day, so bad :grin:
I have always wanted one, and I fear that I always will.

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They are fun and way more active than boas. They are smart to you can see it in there eyes. It looks like they are thinking how to get out of there cage and places they want to go when out.


That’s partly why I want them, their brain. I like the fact that they’re also big because it allows me to work with them not just me completely control them. I love the fact that they demand respect because of their size and their intelligence. If you can tell I really want one and a dream animal :grin:.

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I have one snake in particular that seems far more intelligent than the rest of my collection. He too is a Retic. My male, I leave the door open when I’m in the room and he has a very specific trail he goes to. He goes to a box I left out for him, and stays there for about 30 minutes before he puts himself BACK INTO HIS ENCLOSURE.

In all my years of snake keeping, this snake is the only one that shows this much intelligence, and reliability. He knows where his home is and he always puts himself away when he gets cold or bored of being out.

I don’t go as far as to free range, or let him loose when I can’t keep a sharp eye, because it’s still a wild animal and who knows what he could do. Or get himself hurt.
But he is a very interesting snake and definitely my favorite by far.