New Puzzle Addition!

Good Morning Everyone,

Thought I would give a test run on this!

Reminds me of the BLBC days!


Here is a pretty little girl we just picked up from Dave at RL Exotics

0.1 Spotnose Puzzle


Looks great! Love the puzzle gene and the possibilities with it!


What’s up will! Looking good!


Hey man! Thanks!! Looks like the transition has started!! Hope we can maintain it!

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Real nice…i have to stop sleeping on the spot nose gene… lol

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That is nice! Maybe this will be the year I finally get into Puzzles

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That is a great combo! I love Spotnose and as others have said this may be my year to jump on some Puzzle!

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She’s a beauty! Love that pattern!

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Awesome Addition! :+1:t2:

Very nice puzzle combo. I don’t think we have scratched the surface of what puzzle is capable of.

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Wow she’s incredible!

Wow! Spotnose is such a great gene to mix with! Glad I have one in my line up for sure!

I am not much into recessives, but I may have to hop on the Puzzle bandwagon soon!

I love the mustache on her!

Nice looking animal bud

This is like a perfect donut.