New recruits (sexy girls😍)

New recruits :heart_eyes: stuck deposit down on these two lovely girls , moving housein a week or two so will be either next month or jan I get them once I’ve got my racks set up


Ment to add his customer service is top notch ,helpful ,thoughtful small private breeder with some lovely snakes that really knows his stuff defo recommend him.

Oh @kiltsnake I’m so happy and excited for you! Can’t wait to see what you’re going to produce with them!! I’m also glad you found a seller that was willing to work with you. I’ve heard a few horror stories from sellers who wouldn’t work/budge, and thankfully it seems like you found a good one!

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Could say a bad word he was so helpful and even gave my a cracking deal hence why I took them both and has even gave me lots helpful tips .