New Red-tail boa. First in the family in 25 years

These may be stupid questions but I want to make sure I give my new red tail the best possible. My husband hasn’t owned boas in 20+ years and if he remembers correctly he thinks they required UVB light and calcium dusting of their meals. From my research the past week or so they appear to keep just like ball pythons with belly heat and cool side tempts in the lowers 80s with the warm side being upper 80s and a 90 degree hotspot. No dusting and a lamp can be a supplement to help keep correct temperatures. Humidity between 50 and 70%.

Is this correct? Just want to make sure I am reading accurate information on the internet as we all know how in accurate it can be sometimes.
We have quite a few ball pythons in racks, a sand boa and a reticulated python. I pick my boa up in 6 days and it’s enclosure will be set up and temperatures correct by then. Thank you in advanced.

Most snakes do not require UVB and boa constrictors are not an exception. However, there is some research to suggest that they can benefit from it. Similarly, rodent-eating snakes do not require calcium dusting because they can get calcium from the bones of their prey. I currently keep 5.5 boa constrictors and I do not provide UVB or calcium dusting. My boas all live in rack systems with no lighting and are provided with a diet of whole rodents.


What are you asking ?

Oops sorry didn’t mean to post, I meant to leave it as draft and come back later

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All is good. We have my little dude and he is flourishing. So far no hiccups with him

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That is great :+1:t2: