NEW REPTARIUM ROOM! A Journey together to build a fully automated room!

Multiple Part or Entry Post for the next few weeks.

Hello everyone!!! I hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. This year was a special holiday for us!! We are going from small hobbyists to specialized species breeders and keepers. Since we have empty nested, and I have been keeping various Carpets, White Lipps, Balls and BOAS for the past 25+ years, we decided to go for it. For my XMAS gift from Cheryl this year - A FULL ON REPTARIUM ROOM!!! And I want to share this with everyone out there!!! Not all rooms have to be 15k - 25k or more!! And we are doing it based on years and years of trial and error and talking with a lot of you at shows. And as I work in Automation, I&E and Engineering… we have some ideas to share with all of you!! So let’s get started!!! This is a “pick and pull from” post for ideas.

The plan is to do this project in a 2 week time frame. That is room infrastructure and initial set up. To have it be thermally perfect for our herps. And to have it be automated and logging data for our extensive records we have collected so far. This will be a photo and videos on YOUTUBE journey - with TONS of tricks and tips and steps to help with animal safety and health!!

We chose to swap the existing hobby room with our youngest’s old room, that is now a Grand Kids room. The photos for old hobby room are posted and so are the photos of the new herp room - before start. Also Attached will be photos of the steps below. SO ENJOY THE JOURNEY WITH US!!!

Start - Shop for the following items first:

  1. Command Strips for wall mounting lightweight items. Velco kind.
  2. 4 bottles of Frontline Spray!!!
  3. 2 bottles FC10 Disinfectant Concentrate!!!
  4. 4 cans of Lysol
  5. 1 bottle Rubbing alcohol.
  6. 4 bottles of Reptile Mite Spray. I went with MC and dilute later.
  7. 6 bottles of CleanSmart toy disinfectant spray from Amazon!!!
  8. 3-4 Bottles of hand sanitizers.
  9. 2 packs of Micro- Fiber Towels.
    All the above was roughly $220.00 all together.

Day 1 and Night 1:

  1. Step 1 - First Documenting Photos of Room. Or in our case, old room used and new room to be used.

  2. Step 2 - Empty desired room to be reptarium room.

  3. Step 3A - MEASURE!!! Measure room length, width and height. Before we even think of doing anything like moving in or setting up… let’s talk “Room Husbandry” and Temps. What drives this… what if power fails? What if you have huge temperature swings? What if you have sensitive specimens? We’ll need to insulate. And measurements help dictate how much “R-TECH” insulation to buy. 19.98 a sheet in Texas. More on this later.
    Step 3B - Based on measurements, draw up, and pre-planning and laying out of the room is essential. For our room it is 13ft x 12ft x 8ft tall. Gonna need some good ceramic vortex heaters for cold winter spells and we will want 2 humidifiers for maintaining a multiple species “meet in the middle 50%” room ambient humidity moisture. But not more due to RI prevention and shedding and structural mold - mildew. But some upcoming steps to stop that.

Step 4. Buy R- Tech insulating panels (how many you need based on measurements) at builders supply store. Home Depot, Lowes or whatever you have available. We bought 200.00 worth. 10 sheets.

  1. Step 5 - If you have Carpet, vacuum the carpet multiple times to start. This will ensure you get rid of a lot of dust and dirt and the potential larger contaminants and prevents packing them into carpet while doing a lot of next steps. (we will be doing this again soon…)
  • If you have other floor type clean as required.
  1. Step 6A- “FrontLine Spray” treat the Carpet/Floor!!! A good misting. Keep all animals off for 24hrs. This is a MUST!!! For carpet people - Before we “steam clean carpet”, this serves as an initial step to kill mites and anything else that could potentially be a threat. More on this in a later update post. But for now, the FrontLine spray is available on Amazon or at Pet Stores fairly inexpensively and should be allowed to dry.

    STEP 6B - Next spray entire room, walls and carpet/flooring with the CleanSmart disinfectant. Allow to dry. This stuff is awesome and stops any bacterium, virus and mold mildew. Important!!!

  2. Step 7 - for carpet people - Steam Clean Carpets and Thouroughly dry them. Ensure they are dry.

Day 2 and Night 2:

  1. Step 8 - Re-spray entire room and floors with CleanSmart disinfectant. Let dry.

  2. Step 9 - Re-spray entire room and floors with FrontLine spray. Let dry.

By now anything that was a potential parasite or insect threat is dead. But remember there could be eggs!!! More on that later. But bacteria and most virus is dead too.

  1. Step 10 - Vacuum again to ensure cleanliness.

  2. Step 11 - Let’s start the Insulation process. Our cuts are at 94 long or tall. Now we will clean with alcohol and micro fiber towels - 2 spots on top corners and 1 middle spot on bottom of each panel. Apply the command strips to the cleaned spots. Then stick the opposing side on as well.

  3. Step 12 - clean the same spots on the wall where panels will hang. Then press them onto walls.

This is the point I will stop until I am done Insulating.

More to come…


That’s really awesome! That insulation is crazy, with your ceramic heaters and humidifiers with that insulation it should be a very stable environment! I can’t wait to see this finished with some readings of temps and humidity! Really cool project! I did have one question though. Since you are obviously going above and beyond when it comes to ensuring a stable and healthy environment, why not just take the carpet up and put down a hard surface? Like laminate floors, or tile or even expensive hardwood planks. The hard flooring would be so much easier to clean/disinfect for you. Just curious, you really cleaned and disinfected the carpet great as well! Keep us updated on the progress for sure!!


Wow this is crazy impressive! Thanks for sharing, all very good info and very inspirational! Looking forward to seeing more progress pics!

Hey, everybody!! So nights 2 and 3 were crazy HOT in the room with the insulation work!!! This is going to be a very impressive room, and with temperature trends tonight and sealed tape joints!! It holds awesome humidity!!! So, some steps we have coming up answer some of the awesome comments left so far!

We will be leaving the carpet in the room. Yes, hardwood or hard flooring would work better with cleaning, but eventually, the snake room will leave the house for a rented space in 2 to 3 years. This will go back to a Grand Kids room by then. As they say… happy wife happy life. So carpet has to stay…

However, we are returning the extra 11 sheets of R- Tech. We did do something else for the ceiling. Last year, we had blow in insulation done. At 20 inches deep!! Honestly, there is no need to insulate the ceiling at this point. I have been measuring temps of the ceiling surface today at 80. Tonight it dropped to 77. It is 40 degrees outside and dropping fast. But holding stable on ceiling at 77 to 78 tonight.

But to spare the carpets, after the second and final steam cleaning tonight, we are going to swap the 11 R-Tech sheets out, for the 30" wide under cage plywood strips. Basically I SERIOUSLY OVER ESTIMATED ON THE R - VALUE OF THESE SHEETS!! LOL!!!

Anyway, the plan now is to “TEST” install the 30" wide x 13 feet long side wall trays. Then I’m going to install a clear plastic 10ft x 12ft carpet protection mat in the center. So technically, all carpet is protected and the floor will be easy to clean - like it is hard flooring.

My next steps will be posted Saturday night with everything done up to that night!! But here is the insulated walls!!! Was easy and help up by command strips and wedging the sheets up. Surprisingly easy guys!!!

More to come!!!


Hey Everyone!!
Night 4 is now out of the way!! A lot of Amazon deliverys today, of some of the enclosures going on the long wall in Snake Room 2.0. Basically today was sealing up insulation sheet joints, sealing up the outlet edges of foam and starting to transfer some of the clutter items from Snake Room 1.0. And a test run of the heat and humidity for the workday.

Tomorrow the floor will be protected, and some of the cages set up. The plan is:
Melamine Boards at 28" wide running the long wall and again on the closet wall. These are to keep cage leaks from ruining carpet and also a Floor Thermal Barrier. More on this later…

For those wondering about room temps and humidity…
I ran a small pilot test today on the room empty. No caging heat sources. Just the 1 vortex ceramic unit on a simple probe. But I had a PLC monitoring runs via 110v input point. The heater came on only 2 times in 9 hours!!! The dang room is a live in Thermos / Cooler!!! AWESOMENESS!!!
I’ll be bumping it up to 79 degree setpoint for tomorrow.

Maintained a steady 78 in the room almost entire day and 48 to 52% RH. I had 1 humidifier running and the probe hanging from the fan for a test run today.

The humidifier ran 7 times, but it was fun to trend and see when and why. So the humidity was low in room when I started the unit today. It ran for long run until 50%. Then again 47 minutes later for 25 minutes. Then again at 1hr 13 minutes later for a shorter 15 minutes span. Then again at almost 2 hours later and for 10 minutes. After that it was long waits and faster shortwr runs.

The reason has to be the polystyrene vs a true foam insulation. Think about it… polystyrene blocks moisture. So it would “HOLD IT IN” better then an Absorbent Foam. Towards the ends of the evening it was muggy and HOT!!

Steps have been taken to prevent Mold Mildew and overall room petri dish effect. Every 2nd refill on the humidifiers Im going to run a 1000 / 1 ratio of FC10 solution. Helps stave of fungus, bacteria and defend against RIs in my opinion. Definitely not the same mixture as a nebulizer treatment, but effective on prevention…

Here is 2.0 latest pics… no judging yet!! Lots more on way and to happen through next 2 weeks!!


This is making me want to rearrange and better my reptile section in the basement. I’ll enjoy watching the rest of your progress.


Okay everyone, Lots of stuff arrived today and we have almost filled the room!!! But there was some good news on the ceramic heaters and humidifiers. Very very low run counts and EXTREMELY STABLE LEVELS!!!

We are running room at 80 deg and 45% humidity. Almost perfect. I want to see what an 80 deg 50% hum does tomorrow Sunday.

As far as brands on those… I am super happy with the Velocity VORNADO heaters at sub 40.00 each and the HISWELLE Humidifiers from Amazon at 49.99. We have 2 ea and are only using 1ea in the room. The 2 extras are fail over if issues arise.

I have 18 ECOFLEX cages to build as well as re-locate my room 1.0 racks and the existing 6 cages from there as well!!!

Other things aquired was a rack for the Lorex Clear Arboreal cages and the rooms power has been upped to 40amps on 2 breakers and the 2 original breakers from 15 to 20amps . Overkill, but safe!!! I calculate the real loads to be fairly low as I will be bringing room online a little at a time. And once we start the PLC controller aspect… WOW its gonna be Awesome!!!

More tomorrow with some more step by step and recommendations on items or components and how to set up!!!

We also plan on tracking electric usage and all costs for you guys as well!!!

Still need to move these in from 1.0 !!!

We’ll get there!!!


Looking good! Seems like it’s gonna be super efficient, and very low cost to maintain the room environment!

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Okay… here is the latest update!!!
Only 6 of the 8 big enclosures delivered.
We have 6 of the 12 total 36x18x18 and only a few of the smaller Arboreals.Good news is the SnakeRoom 1.0 is empty and has been repainted for the grandkids!!!

Snake room 2.0 humidity and temps update!!
The Vornado is super super efficient!! Room setpoint 82 - but room stays at 80.
The umidoty is dead on at 50% and so far my runtimes on units are below my initial estimates.

Room 2.0 is in massive disarray - but I am waiting on parts still. So Im going to call this week a loss and no work done!!

But I should have more for everyone next week!!!


Hey everyone!!! We are back and starting back up on the Snake Room 2.0!!! So we managed to get the old room 100% converted for the grandkids in 1 week!!! AWESOMENESS!!!

The kiddos are really loving it!!!

But for snake room 2.0 - we finally have the list of items in and NOW THE REAL FUN BEGINS!!!

6 Large EcoFlex Gray enclosures. All were bought under 200.00 each!!! Massive discount!! Added silicone to them and sealed the bottoms.

3 Medium EcoFlex Gray enclosures. All were bought on Amazon for 89.00 to 123.00!!!
Special note - some were used, and missing parts. But that has been fixed!! (door hardware)

4 Small EcoFlex Gray enclosures. All were bought on Amazon for 65.00 to 95.00.
Special note - some were used, and missing parts. But that has been fixed!! (door hardware)

The 3 cage sizes have been sealed with clear silicone in the bottom corners and long and short runs. Then super siliconed on the outside bottom cracks. This keeps the leaks and dribbles at a minimum and no smelly waste leaves the cages!!!

Now some new additions have begun to arrive from Australia and we are temporarily spreading animals and maintaining a 4 room groupings quarantine separation!!! LOL!! Phew!!! More on that later next year once the animals are all set!!

But we are going to start work on the following ROOM BUILD steps that I will continue to post about…

Adding belly heat to cages (in a safe to clean, yet easy to maintain and safe for snake belly’s)

Adding Lighting that will be automated.

Adding top covering to adjust venting and humidity. This allows fine tuning for the animals.

Adding basking spots per cage, per animal needs and with non-market normal items!!!

Adding custom cage spacing, non-slip and custom feature.

After all that it will be final cage decors and then showing off Carpet’s wall!!!

Need to mention the new whitelips clear enclosures:

And also we need to mention the soon to be chondros set ups!!

And the current room clutter might straighten up this week too!!!


I just to say the amount of stress that I would be under would be very intense lol :rofl:

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LOL!!! I have been a tad bit tense with shipping damages and delays!!! But I am making some good progress now!!

So here we go!!! Lighting…
I really recommend getting the 6000k LED strips from AMAZON. Brand is Kihung. Here is the link:

Now, what we figured was most cages have a front top hang down to hide the fixture.
This is what I did to mount:

Get some 3M velco lock.

Cut into 4 small pieces that are as wide as the light.

Mount the velco to the light first.

Then take light and with cord find roughly where you want to mount it in the cages. Then look to see where the cord goes to - closest to top corner - and then drill a hole for cord to go through on the side wall of enclosure.
This is how mine turned out on the 36" wide enclosures that will be on the far right end of my Carpet Pythons Wall.

Final product for the first 36 x 18 x 18 came out like this!! :slight_smile:

Now, I got to do the lighting on all eight 48x18x18 , and the remaining three 36x18x18 and then the four 24x12x12.
Fixtures are 36" on the 4ft enclosures, 24" on the 3ft enclosures and then 12" for the 2ft enclosures. After that we’ll update on how to do belly heat in a way that is really easy for accurate temps - cleaning and such!!

More to come later this week!!!


Looks very nice! I also looked up those eco flex cages, wow you got a great deal on the large size! I have never heard of them- let us know how they do/hold up!


Curious as to how you managed to get such a deal on them! I looked them up not that long ago and was turned off by the prices when I saw them on Amazon lol


Will do!! I found these are very stout on the 46x18x18!! The others all needed silicone to seal them up. But they are good with temps and humidity.

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I shopped on the black friday and cyber monday and there were very low sellers. So I pounced on them!!!
And all the Petsmarts here had a huge 60% sale for 4 days!!! It was awesome. I hit 10 stores in the DFW metroplex and bought them all out!!


Awesome, sounds like you did it right! I was celebrating my anniversary on Black Friday and kinda forgot about cyber Monday lol.

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Any new updates on the room? Hope I’m not being too impatient to see the changes!


Hey all!! So we have had some ups and downs this past 2 weeks with Holidays and a family member and herp friend passing. But there is some news to update… A LOT to cover and a whole bunch more on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!! Let’s get rolling!!!

1st, we are now able to move around in the room more and we have gotten more cages built, siliconed and lights done. The next was mapping out animals and overall needs. This led to some room build changes!!!

  • We removed the rack and will have 2 walls built up now from 3 cage vendors.
    ** We added a Large Lorex Plastic enclosure to the two 53 gallons we bought. Ed was awesome on the hook up!!!
    *** We are waiting on two 3 bay GTP cages - each is 36x18x18, and six MAXIMUM REPTILE ARBOREAL, and four 36tallx18widex20deep custom builds.
    **** We ordered a bunch of David B custom made perches from speciality enclosure designs.
    ***** We got a ton of custom heaters that I promise… no one here has used yet!!! Its from my day job industry. But it BEATS all tape, radiant and cable heaters we have seen.

We also gave some to Robert in Houston TX - Longhorn Enclosures - to test. I want to have multiple people test and give feedback on them. But they work AWESOME!!!

2nd, we added two more VE6 racks and a bunch of baby, juvenile and sub adult tubs. More on that in a bit. But IT IS A BIG ANOUNCEMENT as to why. In fact that will be another post most likely…

3rd, we have the following species now - Ball, White Lip, Green Tree Pythons and more Carpets. But its the GTPs and Carpets that are the big deal from the babies we already had.

4th, we had 3 successful pairings with our 3 big Ivory BP females!!! The Ivory’s are all gene packed and so were the sires!!! All will be 100% verified and proven after these final 3 clutches.

Closet is set up with my gun stuff, street bike gear and then the reptile supplies and our little accident…

A feeder had babies!!!

More tomorrow on the room set up for carpets and the final light, heating and cage set ups and things we learned there!!!