New rescue Leopard again

After the last rescue Leopard gecko…that was the worst Id ever seen… btw he is do very well with his new special needs home. After Mac thO…I was turning away Leopards…till now. No idea why @ this point…but she wasnt eating for her rehome. Ive had her 3weeks now…she had some swelling in her joints thats went down almost all the way…eats now for me fine ( was having to feed off tongs) named her Jasmine. She knows her name!! Freaking stairs @ me like Im her everything!!! I in love :heart_eyes: guess Ill be keeping her.


She maybe near sighted?? Seems like she has to stare @ her bugs very close up to them.

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I’m sure you’re already on top of it having done rescues before… But the joint swelling can be a sign of metabolic bone disease. After three weeks she’s probably already doing better than she was though.

If she was my rescue, When first taking her in, I would maybe mix a bit of vitamin and calcium powder with a bit of water and give her an extra drop of this along with dusted food for three days. After that I would just make sure she’s got a bottle cap of vitamin and calcium powder to lick from as needed.

She’s looking pretty bright and alert though which are always good signs! I hope she continues at least being fairly easy for you!


Thanks for the input!! I have a calcium/with multivitamin mix in a soy sauce dish for her…& Im keeping her under heat lights & UVB… I know you can keep leopards on heat pads…but not if they are having problems…in my humble opinion… & I feel like they should have UVB…I have one thats 15 yrs old…& she has always been kept as such.


@ 1st…she was getting electrolyte baths…

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But…yeah…I think she is near sighted? Looks @ her food soooo close…like me without my contacts trying to read a sign…

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Even my 15yr old acts like she can see better…

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I mean…maybe she stairs @ me so hard because she cant see me…& my monkey brain processes it as infatuation (love). She still ciomes to her name…but maybe she is over compensating with her hearing?..:thinking:

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She loves me!!! Regardless! Knows Im helping :relieved:


yeah I’ve heard a lack of Vitamin A can give geckos eye issues, so the multivitamin you are providing is probably helping if that is the case. I bet she’s much happier already.


Joint swelling can also be a sign of tophi crystal buildup that‘s caused by gout, but the good news is that, if it has gone away, then it likely wasn’t from gout, as that is non-curable and only somewhat treatable and wouldn’t resolve.

I have 6 gecko that are turning 20 years old this year that have never had direct UVB, so UVB is definitely not necessary, but it is ideal to provide it. If one doesn’t provide it, it becomes way more important to be very careful about how you supplement for each gecko based on the gecko’s age, sex, individual needs, prey items you feed, and what you feed your prey items. If you are providing UVB, be cautious about how much calcium with D3 you provide on her prey- you can overdo it and even cause death.

I have several geckos that love to come to the front of their tubs and watch me (I use clear polycarbonate tubs in an ARS 5040 hybrid- hope I got the code right). I think it might be a personality thing. My Rainwater Albinos and Albey Snows are especially sweet and curious. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As an aside, someone taught me how to reply to multiple people in one comment, and I agree with them that it helps make things a LOT less confusing. Otherwise, it will not be clear to readers which comment you make is responding to which other comment.

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Cute name!

This isn’t a bad idea, especially if she’s reluctant to eat well-dusted food or has a poor appetite.

Some leos are major dorks and just do that. It might be a sight issue, but it could also just be her silly personality.