New Seach Beta as my app landing page?

Is there a way to set the landing page for the new app (Android mobile)?

I pretty much always hop on the app to check out a combo and go straight to the search filters. Right now I have to go through 4 steps to get there.

Click app icon > click Ball Pythons > click Browse Latest > click filters icon

Alternately, if I click the magnifying glass on the app default homepage it goes straight to the old filter screen.

In a perfect world I would like to click my app icon and be taken directly to the search filters (or at a minimum the Browse Latest page.) Is this already possible? How do I do it? Where do I go to define my landing page, or do I have to continue to wade through the muck?

(Edit: that muck part sounded horrible. I really do love this app!)



I agree, it would be nice to have a quicker way to get to search results.

Right now it takes basically 2 steps once app is loaded (not fair to count opening the app as a step):

  1. click on ball pythons
  2. click on browse

I don’t see us opening search filters automatically, but I would like it if this could be reduced by 1 step. The problem is folks are accustomed to going to the index page per category.

Right now, the fastest way to go to search is click on magnifying glass, then click “Go”. But this will contain all ads, not just ball pythons.