New Search & Saved Searches

When John first created MorphMarket , his primary goal was to make it easy to find very specific animals. That’s always been core to our mission. Today we are excited to announce that animal search has just gotten a lot more powerful!

Try out the new search by hitting the blue “Try New Search” button on any search results page.


If you’re on a desktop computer, the first thing you will note is that the filters have been moved to the left sidebar. This is a modern design that makes great use of the full screen. As you adjust the search filters, results update automatically and smoothly.

On mobile devices, the search controls are under the “sliders” button. We’re still tweaking the mobile designs to make the best use of the limited screen space (on this and other pages).

Let’s talk about those new features.

Search Filters

The new search now contains over 30 filters to find exactly what you’re looking for!

  • Keywords: above the other filters is an input where you can type in a keyword or animal ID.
  • Location: for the US region we’ve added a State filter. This gives you a new way to limit the area you’re searching.
  • Genetics: In addition to included/excluded traits and min/max trait counts, we’ve added several new options.
    • Any trait form: causes recessives to match both hets and visuals.
    • No additional traits: limits your search to the exact traits provided. We’re not 100% satisfied with the trait select itself, a component which is used throughout the site. We’ll keep improving it.
  • Animal Origin: how the animal was sourced.
  • Seller: In addition to filtering to a specific seller, you can now search across all sellers that you are following. You can access those followed sellers via the menu. As before, the sellers you’ve blocked will always be excluded from your results.

But wait, there’s more:

  • Individual/Group: to find those group ads.
  • Payment Type & Payment Plan: to filter by payment considerations. Minimum payment plan means the seller is willing to consider payments plans equal to or greater than this value.
  • Extra checkboxes: are pretty self explanatory.
    • Will Trade
    • Proven Breeder
    • Actual Photo
    • Has Video
    • Inquire for Price
    • USARK Membership


There are 15 ways to sort results, and we’ve added a new option called “Distance” to rank results nearest to you. This requires Location Settings enabled in your browser for our site.

Saved Searches

Who has the time to re-enter those complex searches each day?

Finally, you can save your searches. Just click the “Save Search” button. On mobile, this is a heart button. Access and run your previously Saved Searches at any time through the main menu.

Alerts - Coming Soon!

We’re pretty proud of the new features mentioned above, but we’re about to release a monster feature. What if we notified you when animals hit the market that matched your saved searches? Hmm…

We hope you enjoy these features. You can also read about the new search in our help documentation.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Not going to lie this took me a good day to actually understand on the app. For me, I felt like at first I couldn’t search for two genes together. It took awhile for me to actually understand how this new searching actually worked, and eventually I understood it. I helped several people who had messaged me on IG about it, and it seems that it’s slowly starting to work itself out. I’m not getting a lot of SOS messages anymore ha-ha. :sweat_smile:


Your a saint Anna!

Can you share the questions that people asked?

Q: “How do I change the location back to Europe?”
A: You should see a location tab at the top, click the drop down and choose Europe and push Apply

Q: I’m looking for [trait] [trait] [trait] and nothing pops up anymore. It does’t show I’m searching for them anymore"
A: Type in the first trait you’re looking for, click it, and then search the other trait, and click it, and then so on and so forth. You’ll see the number change for Included traits above the search bar.

Q: “How do I get rid of my first search? I’m ******** stuck.”
A: Push reset

Q: “Did they get rid of the maturity option??”
A: Scroll down

Q: “I don’t see where I can choose the sold option on availability. I don’t even see the availability option anymore. Why the **** would they get rid of that. That’s ******* stupid.”
A: LOL, scroll all the way to the bottom. It’s still there
Follow-up: “I’m an idiot”

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I’m liking the new search. One question I have is why do some prices show up in gray and some in black?

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I’m sure this is just a colour scheme change but let me check…

Why are some of the prices green?

Black = has never been renewed (newer listing)
Gray = has been renewed


Okay cool thanks!

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Why are some prices slightly grayed?

“Ads which are brand new have a black price. Ads which have been renewed, meaning they’re a bit older, have slightly grayed prices. In the past, these were green for new and black for renewed.”

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This is awesome, excited to play around with it

Just picturing the pure chaos when a specific animal/morph that’s in high demand becomes available and like 30 people all reach out to the breeder to try to buy it at the same time :joy: :joy: :joy:

Also being able to tell future genereations of ball python breeders “back in my day when we wanted a specific snake, we just had to check MorphMarket 18 times a day to see if anyone posted one. You kids have it easy”


Better get that Buyers History score up to help the sellers make the decision :wink:

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