New Seller - Luxury (Luxe) Reptiles, LLC

Hello Everyone,

I have been on MM for a couple of years now but just posted my first ads. Are there any suggestions or advise you can offer able selling? I would be greatly appreciated it.

As a buyer, realistic up to date pictures. Nothing worse than the animal does not match the picture.
So annoying when there is a bright out of date hatchling picture and you get an older darker animal.
Honest detailed description too.
keep the buyer happy for good reviews.


Thank you I will definitely keep that in mind.

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@luxe_reptiles wasn’t suggesting you wouldn’t do that, just posting what puts me off others.


OH I understood and appreciate any and all advise. I definitely agree with you.

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Keep your YouTube channel going as well, you’re doing super good. YouTube videos about ball pythons and egg cutting is where I got interested and where I found out about MM…

I know it’s not much, but I have a few friends that are interested and want to learn about BP’s I plan on sending them to your channel as well as a few of the big names in the reptile industry’s channels so they can explore and learn and hopefully when they are ready to buy, you will be THE seller of their first boop noodles.

Always be honest and passionate about your business and the buyers will certainly catch your passion and make each experience as amazing and wonderful if not better than the last transaction. And as stated before me, positive reviews is a massive marketing tool when it comes to buyers and trusting their money and dreams on your honesty and integrity, own it like your the original.

I’m done rambling and I blame my cancer meds and treatments for my brain being all scattered and gassy.

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