New Seller - West Ridge Reptiles

Hi, I’m Elena Moss, co-owner of West Ridge Reptiles. We have been selling reptiles online for some years now, but we are new to MorphMarket. We currently specialize in locality boa constrictors, locality rosy boas, sand boa morphs and box turtles, but we have several upcoming projects as well. I have a few animals up for sale already and I will be posting more within the next few weeks. I’m excited to make new connections and share my passion!


Welcome to the community @westridge!

Do you have any photos you’d like to share? I absolutely love turtles ha-ha.


These are two of the turtles I posted for sale today. The first one we call Dobby. “He” is the very first three-toed box turtle we produced last year. Very outgoing. The second one is a full sibling from a younger 2018 clutch, produced by the same parents. Both parents are wild caught but are LTC. The male was rescued in central Mississippi after being hit by a car. He make a full recovery and we adopted him a year later. We have had him for two years. Our female is also WC, but we have had her for over ten years.

This is Edie, she is one of the last 2018 sand boas we have left. She’s an anery stripe 50% ph paradox albino.

These are the parents of some of our 2019 sand boa offspring. We will be posting the babies for sale within the next few weeks, once they have had enough meals. Here are a couple of the babies:

Here are a few more soon-to-be available babies, from a different set of parents:

Always glad to share pics!