New Snake Owner!

I’m receiving my new male KSB today, my first snake ever! I need help naming him and also would greatly appreciate any tips on receiving a new snake and any other need to know things!


Just make sure you have the enclosure and species specific environmental (temp, humidity, lighting, etc) requirements all set before they arrive. I usually handle for a minute or two just to inspect the snake and make sure there isn’t anything obviously wrong with it health wise (mites, stuck shed, clear nose and eyes, etc). Then it goes in the enclosure and I leave it alone (no handling or feeding) for at least a week. I’ll check on them daily but no handling. I usually offer a meal on day 7.

I’m not too familiar with KSB behavior but my new bulls tend to do quite a bit of glass surfing and exploring the first few days. None of them are picky eaters so I haven’t had issues getting them to feed.


Well hello @aliohara15, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first (and probably not the last)! ever snake! Sand boas make GREAT little pets and are pretty easy to keep and btw yours is very pretty! Great choice!

As @eorr53 suggested, it is best to put him in his enclosure and leave him alone for at least a week (no handling at all) before you even attempt to feed him. A snake needs to feel safe and secure before it will eat.

I am assuming he is eating FT? FT is the safest for the snake. Live prey can become predators if a snake is not hungry. Of course pinks and fuzzies with the eyes closed are safe.

We are here to assist and answer any questions you might have. Send us pictures of his enclosure and of course more pictures of him after he has settled in!

All the best! :pray::heart:


So I got him yesterday, did the overall check and put him safely in his enclosure. My dilemma is my work hours are 5am/1:30pm. I need some kind of automatic timer to turn the lights on/off when needed. I’m not planning to do any night time lights, just the heating pad; my SO can’t sleep with any lights on. He is in a 20 gal terrarium with sand/aspen bedding.

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Glad your new guy arrived safely! There are tons of affordable options for timers readily available out there. They’re often marketed as Christmas light timers at Wal-Mart, Lowes, etc and they start out quite cheap in price.


I don’t think you’ll need any sort of night time light. I don’t use them for any of my snakes.

The analog “push down” timers work fine. Just make sure you don’t bump it and mess up the settings. I did once buy a fancy zoomed power strip with built in timers. Never got it to work like it was supposed to, so went back to the old school push down. :person_shrugging:t2:


This is the one I’m going to try. Fingers crossed!

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Name suggestions?? Having such a hard time. I want something unique and nothing silly!:heart::snake:

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How about Atticus……

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vacuum. I know you said no silly names but I am on a mission to get someone to name their snake it