New Sulcata Just looking for some information

I just got a baby sculta today and i’ve been doing some research on their diets. Ive found various information so i figured coming here and asking would be a better option. If anyone has Sculta"s what do you feed your to maintain a healthy diet?

What is a sculta? Is it slang for sulcata?


well i guess that spelling error really affected people replying to me on here and the only person who did is poking fun at me.

its okay ill ask somewhere else for any advice or information.

I don’t see any reason to get offended over that. Even I was a bit confused on your spelling, you could just politely correct yourself and move on.
Your tag has the correct spelling of “sulcata” so I could see why @mblaney asked if it was a slang term for the species.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be much help with the actual questions at hand, so you’ll have to wait and see if someone else gets back to you. The people here are very nice for the most part, so just be patient.


I most definitely didn’t mean offense, it didn’t really occur to me to just check the tags. I know a few decent resources for tortoises, give me a sec to track them down.


Melissa Kaplan’s site

A more general tortoise handout from a colleague

A caresheet from the veterinary practice I take my own geckos to.

A caresheet from a hobbyist magazine


My gf had typed up everything and shes not that good of a speller it was a pet she got recently and was asking me about it but i don’t have much information so i put her on my computer to ask here and see what she could find out. She did say thank you for the info @mblaney. she ended up finding a bit of information and i think we got a good diet going shes still going to read through all those though, and for the most part i have only seen nice people here

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I can’t spell for nothing. I have a hard time typing what I want to say so I don’t post much. But I have experience raising sulcatas. I’m no expert but I feed mine Collard greens, spring mix, alfalfa, Timothy grass, dandelion greens and flowers, cactus, and hibiscus leaves. I feed every other day and give vitamin d every other feeding. I soak hatchlings every other day for 15 minutes and juveniles once a week. Biggest thing is to keep them warm and hydrated. Over feeding and not enough vitamin d will deform there shell. Hope this helps a little.


My sulcata is no longer a baby, they grow fast. Anyway I fed my baby Mazuri Tortoise diet soaked in water, organic spring mix, turnip green, collard greens, baby arugula, and I used grass hay for bedding and food. All foods are served with calcium +d or reptile vitamins. I soaked her daily, she has a large desert UVB light and a hot spot of 105 degrees. Watch out for kale or other veg that binds calcium. Watch out for babies turning over, I found Little Rock on her back and had to adjust her inclosure several times. You’ll need a really shallow water bowl, the flat ones sold for feeders work well. You want your little dude to be able to walk in the water, get a drink, poop and walk out with no chance of drowning if he topples over.
Good luck with your new best friend.


Let’s not forget that they also get huge, and are very destructive once they have weight behind em so tortoise proofing/reinforcing things will need to be done once they get bigger. I have heard of them breaking through drywall before.