New tiny dinosaur 🦕 mom

Hello! I am SO thrilled to finally be able to be a part of this community. I got my baby “girl” spyro from a lady off Craigslist for a pretty good deal… but it of course wasnt good enough for my princess. I got a 4x2x2 maximum enclosure with pvc doors (for now), but from where she started and where our adventure has come just in the short time I have had her is so thrilling and just all around dope to watch it all come together. I am hoping that being here helps me to learn more about my beardie along with my daughters beardie. I took the baby for myself just based on the fact that i was told she was a juvenile… but based on her measurements the first time i got to hold her she was still a hatchling. She is bigger now and has had what i believe to be her first shed (atleast with me) so far she eats, poops, everything seems good. I can pet her and hold her, however with my 2 year old she is very uneasy still, and i am hoping the spacer comes soon so i can get her higher up so she will feel more safe and all that jazz. But yeah ill post some pics, the other i believe to be around maybe 6 months? Just basing that off a picture some gentlemen had posted and compared to my husbands hand. Idk :woman_shrugging: i plan to take them to the vet around a year, should i plan to go sooner then that? I feel like i talk forever :rofl: we put ceramic tile in both enclosures, and in the process of building the background with the great stuff expanding foam on a sheet of foam board. I plan to dremel it tonight in hopes that tomorrow i can start my first coat. I am an avid cricuter, i etch mirrors and jars and just about anything, i can do stickers and wall art and customizations, etc. Being outside when my state isn’t as bipolar as i am with the temperature :rofl: yeah, thats all i got. I dont have any like “sale” things yet but im sure if you reached out i could come up with something cool and reasonable. Im a stay at home mom and take care of kids and dinos all day :cowboy_hat_face:


Well hello to you dear Mallory and welcome to the MMC forum! I believe you will fit in here very well!

We love great posts like this and pictures like this! No problems, just happy happy stuff like this! Your beardies are wonderful and blessed to belong to you and your daughter! And btw you are lovely! Oh to be young again! I love your hair too! I am 68 but I do have straight shoulder length blonde hair but I would love to go purple like yours!

Anyway, I digress! Please hang around. If you have questions or concerns or just want to explode a bomb of pictures, do not hesitate!

So glad to have you Mallory! :hugs: