New to bearded dragons. Advice on morph and husbandry :)

So I’m new to bearded dragons! My buddy gave me my first one so I was wondering about two things!

Firstly does anyone know what morph this might be? And second what’s the best setup a beardie can have? :slight_smile:


Your animal appears to be a leatherback.

Here is a simple care sheet that will give you a good starting point in husbandry for your animal.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there! you guys are so awesome, I’ve got something I’d like to point out if that is alright :slight_smile:

Recently there were more studies done and the new minimum cage size should be a 4x2x2 or 48x24x24 for an adult dragon ^w^

My care sheet is a base guideline catered towards baby/juvenile animals. While bigger is always better, a 40b is an acceptable minimum size because it is the minimum size you can achieve a proper temperature gradient in. Our adult animals are in 4 and 6 foot enclosures.

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