New to breeding, Not to Balls Hi!

Hi! I’m Emmi and I have decided to start working with the axanthic morph in ball pythons. We got a ball python as our first couples pet 13 years ago, although she has a lovely home with a friend now. I have been back burner researching morphs and breeding for the last couple years and I decided we were ready to actually start a small project. It’s getting a little bigger a little faster then I intended because the whole house has decided to join in. Currently looking for the perfect mystic gene snake for my husband so he can make purple snakes lol. Any advice you wish you had? I’m so excited to learn more about the community as a whole!


Welcome to the community Emmi!

Stick to Morphs that you enjoy and don’t try to go with what others are working with. Its a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s okay if it takes awhile. Grab females, if you’re doing hatchlings first, and grow them a good half way to breeding size before getting a majority of your males. Do your research on buyers!

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Welcome, looking forward to seeing pictures of your collection :grinning:

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Thank you!! That is my current plan actually. I picked a couple genes I like, talked to a few breeders and found a baby in the low end of my price range to start. I fell in love with the axanthic morph years ago and am so ready to get started. She is awesome and I am in love. We have two more girls planned and then my son fell in love with a banana spider boy. So he is getting a boy but that’s really just his pet because as cool as the spider gene looks I’m not sure how I feel about the wobble issue yet.

I’m planning on going to some shows as things in my area open back up so I can see more in person and talk to breeders but for now I’m absorbing everything I can on the internet.

Welcome to the MM community.
And I must say very very very good job! So many people jump into this hobby for so many different reasons, I’m happy to see someone doing the research like you stated. That’s the best thing any of us can do owning reptiles.