New to morphs, Need Identification Help

I got three ball pythons from a local guy and needed help with identifications.

I was told this girl was a Sterling Fire (Cinnamon, Fire, Super Pastel).

And the following he was not sure about the morph.

and finally

Thanks so much for the help!


Second looks like a pastel genetic stripe, third is at least a pewter maybe something else…

Thanks for the help! Would you agree with Sterling Fire on the first one? (Pewter + Superfly)

Pewter and firefly are not a gene It’s a combo. Pewter is cinnamon pastel and a firefly is a super pastel fire. But yeah I would agree she has super pastel, cinnamon, and fire

Correct! And thank you as well for the help! Looks like I just need to ID the third one now.

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Third animal is most likely a Pewter

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I’d say maybe possible fire as well? Seems a little brighter than a normal pewter to me but could just he the brightness of the picture.

The colors are a tad off in the picture, the towel they are on is completely white with black stripes but the bulbs I have on my ceiling makes it slightly yellow. Shes probably a little less yellow than shown, but her colors are fairly accurate in the pictures.