New to owning ball python

I’m new to owning a Bally python and I’m looking to get a proper set up and a nice snake what are some good tips from people who own them I’m looking to have a tub system.


Hi Jcj and welcome to the forum.

As you are just starting out and wish to go down the tub route, I recommend checking out Hillary’s rack Here.

As for finding your perfect animal, there is no better way that just browsing the Marketplace and working out what you like that is within your budget.

If you don’t plan on breeding, try and avoid “hets” as they can significantly increase the price.

Use tags such as #husbandry #heat #humidity #all-reptiles:enclosures-setups and so on to see how others set their tubs up.



Thank you I really appreciate the advice I guess I’ll look into breeding after I get more comfort handling the snake and learning more about it.