New to Reptile breeding

Hello! My name is Jacob, im from Southern California, and ive recently begun my journey into breeding reptiles. Im starting with Crested Geckos, Corn Snakes, and Jackson Chameleons. Looking forward to learning and experiencing much from the rest of you! Thanks!


Welcome to the hobby enjoy yourself!


Welcome! I’m a former Southern Californian myself! Depending on where you are, I highly recommend using LLLREPTILE for you’re reptile needs! Those guys are awesome! Based outta mostly north county San Diego area.

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Yes thats where I go. Ive been to the Oceanside location and the Menifee location is super close to where I live. They are awesome!

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Good stuff!! I remember like 8 years ago when they had the super tiny store in Oceanside before they moved to that big building and started popping up new locations! Was pretty cool to see them expand.