New to snakes New to colubrids


Spent some time and money setting up this 18x18x24 to house my new Brooks Kingsnake for the time being until it gets bigger. Id be curious what you all think. This little king definetly utilizes the heighth. Hes eaten his first meal since getting here. Seller advised the king was soley on live. Tried and suceeded with FT no problem.

Id also be curious to hear opinions on where you get your FT mice from. Ive been looking into layne labs and they seem to have some very quality feeders.

Anyways happy thursday.


Firstly I’ve always gone with Perfect Prey for my snake food. Consistent prices and sizes. Never an issue in shipping or arriving on time either. Always well insulated and packaged. Amazing customer service.

As for your setup it’s definitely cute! Though it’s not gonna take long for him to outgrow it. I’d definitely be looking into an equally high and long tank for next time.


Agreed, im looking into maybe getting a second zen habitat to match my other 48 x 24 x 24 or maybe even the taller one with the 48" height. To really put the climbing muscles to the test.


Just make sure that the climbing structures that you use are secured so that no accidents can happen.

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Thanks for the advice.

I dont think i mentioned it but I am completely new to snakes. I own cresties, leachies and some other rare geckos, but never once a snake. As you can tell by my decorating style.

Its hard to tell from photos but the cork bark is all attached in some way or another with the vine as well as leaning against eachother and the ground/walls.

I really like the colors of brooks kings which is why im starting with this little hypo albino. At this point im pretty infatuated with the thing i cant stop staring.