New to the ball python scene

Hello! I’m trying to figure out what to be on the lookout for to pair with my current pythons. I have a female Super Mojave that still need another year or so of gaining weight.

I also have a male Pied. He is around 600 grams so would also be ready next season.

I’m trying to figure out what to find to pair with them. The pied I of course want a het pied, but what would make it stand out? And also with the Mojave, I want something that can bring out the dark coloring I tend to see with Mojave.


If you want to enhance the “dark side” of Mojaves then best bets are morphs like Acid, BlackHead, BlkPastel, GHI, Leopard, and Mahogany (and/or the related alleles of each)

So I personally really like GHI, that bright yellow stripe on spine is awesome (adding vanilla to the mix can be cool too), Banana Leopard is cool as well. I also liked the GHI Mojave Cinnamon. I forgot the mystic potion. :slight_smile:

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