New to the community!

New to the morphmarket community, so though I might introduce y’all to my scaleless head het pied ball python, Dav! Here are some pics from an outdoor photoshoot I took. I particularly like taking photos of him in trees, cause I’ve found he loves to climb.


Welcome, enjoy it all!


Welcome! Handsome fella!

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Welcome to the community!

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Welcome!! :grin:


I got him pretty recently, and I finally got him off of his month long eating strike a few days before these photos were taken. He’s only eating live though. I’ll switch him to frozen thawed soon. he ate another small rat today.


Lovely BP. Welcome to the community.

Can anyone tell me what makes a scaleless, a scaleless BP? Besides the obvious. Does it change it’s appearance (compared to a non scaleless) or care in anyway?

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A scaleless head has a patch of scales missing on the head and on the lower jaw, plus I’ve noticed the colors are more vibrant whereas a full scaleless had no scales(mostly, they do have little flecks of scales typically) and and usually has colors along the lines of a pastel ball python. no extra care for the scaleless head, which is what I have, but full scalelesses can get a bit harder. their skin dries out a lot, so you have to keep the enclosure more humid or they won’t shed right, I’ve also heard rubbing a substance called bag balm on the snake once a week works to moisturize it, but other than that, they’re basically just normal bp’s when it comes to care.


Thanks for explaining :blush: