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Ive had my baby for a year. Her name is Calypso. Shes a ghost. I want to learn as much as i can about her morph type. Anything you can tell me would be very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:. Ive been told morph types can vary in size and girth and personality.


Welcome to the community Edgar! I’m not familiar with corn snakes at all, but I just wanted to let you know I think Calypso is beautiful!


Welcome to you Edgar, and to your lovely Calypso! Did you get her as a hatchling? From what I can see of her belly, she’s definitely Masque as well as being a lovely Ghost.


Welcome! Calypso is an absolutely beautiful girl! To be honest on the varying morph traits, I find that’s more specific to the individual snake. I have two Ghosts, both male, with contrasting personalities, sizes, etc. It’s better to just take the time to observe, handle, and get to know each individual and how they grow.


Welcome to the best community on the web :heart:


I got distracted and didn’t address this part of your OP, lol. I’m with Jess (@noodlehaus ) that each individual has its own personality. Just like we hoomans, or dogs, cats, horses, or any other creature. It is true there are particular families or bloodlines which are friendlier, though they’re all individuals for sure.

The morphs which arose from the Upper Keys corn snakes used to be smaller adults on average. As with everything, there was always individual variation but these morphs trended to be smaller and more slender. This size difference has mostly faded away with the passage of years and the expansion on the hobby as lines were outcrossed.

Cinder-based morphs have some differences in body shape when compared to most corns. Adults tend to be noticeably more slender than most corns.

If you haven’t checked out the Morphpedia yet, you should. It’s got plenty of fun, sound info on these wonderful creatures.

Again, welcome to the community!


Welcome! Glad to see you made it over here.


Welcome Edgar, you’ll love it here.


I got her at almost a month old. Thank you, first time i was told shes masque as well and you said from the belly? I didnt know that im still learning


Masque is one of the traits that affect pattern, as well as having a bit of a color-brightening effect. Part of what Masque affects is the belly checkers. Masque spreads them apart so that there’s a uncheckered, “clear” space in the center of the belly. I noticed that your pretty baby’s belly checkers are pushed to the sides and there’s a lot of white up the middle of the belly. That’s what I was commenting upon.

Masque varies in the degree of expression in the belly as well as on the face. Some who carry the gene show valmost no hint of it. Others are quite pronounced. The Super Masques (two copies of the allele) may look almost like Diffused corns. Or not. Again, its expression is variable.

You say you’re still learning; that’s good! Knowledge grows, information is clarified, and there’s always something interesting happening. I love that about this hobby. Heck, I’m m still learning things too, and I’ve been in the hobby since 2008, lol.


I agree that she definitely looks masque as well!