New to the community

Hello all, I’ve been on MorphMarket for just over a year but have only just discovered the community forum. It didn’t take long to see how encouraging and helpful everyone seems to be. Glab to be a part of things! Anyway, here are my three babies:

Athena, my first snake, a Lesser Bee Ball Python

Aurora, a Brazilian Rainbow Boa

And finally, ???, an Orange Glow Sunfire Reticulated Python

The BRB and Retic were both purchased right here on the MorphMarket. And as you can see the Retic is so new I haven’t even named him yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I have a myriad of other pets, reptile and otherwise. I’ll try to post pics of them in the appropriate sections. To all the posters here, keep up the good work!



Welcome to the forums, Mike!

Nice diverse group you got there!

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Welcome to the forums! Gorgeous snakes you have!

I have only one snake, he is a boy, so the name Sunfire would not have worked but you can have it, if you like. :wink:

Welcome buddy. In keeping with your female names you can only really name him one greek god name beginning with b because he is a boa… Boreas / god of the north wind and of winter. Take care👍

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oops i just saw i forgot to say that his name is Kai

i think that’s a good name!

Welcome to the community, and that name has my vote.

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HI Mike and welcome to the community. Glad to have you here. :smiley: