New to this market

Just saying hi, not much going on here, hoping for some new breeders or mantis friends.


Hello @hibiscusmile I love the name you chose for this forum! There are definitely mantis breeders/sellers on the MM sales side.

I had a little mantis for a few months earlier this year but it was way too fragile for me. As a child I was so afraid of mantises but now I see them as such fascinating little creatures!

I’m not sure how many mantis keepers there are here but after seeing this post I am sure you will find out!

Hope you come back often because there is always something interesting going on here! :blush:


Welcome! I definitely would love to get into mantises in the future! Not really sure when i’ll be able to but definitely something i’m interested in.


the name is used where ever I go. I was having a hard time and kinda down in the dumps one day while driving and saw my first ever Hibiscus flowers. Which made me smile, hence the name! Now I can’t get enough of them. I have a small area now, but if I get to move and have more land I want to plant a bunch.
The fun thing now that beautiful fall has arrived is bring in the seeds. I have caught a bunch of jumping spiders I was sure was gone. I had caught a few a couple years ago and thought I wiped them out. Guess I was wrong.
So now I am razing mantis and spiders! They eat the same thing and I love them both…Actually everything I have work’s for both of them.