New user here looking for answers to a few questions

I’m a new user here I apologize if I am posting in the wrong part of the forum, this is my second post in which my first one was taken down because of misuse and being put out wrong. But I am trying to find breeders for armadillo lizards. I’ve always found them to be really cool and i have a few reptiles already and wanted something new. If someone can point me in the right direction to find a breeder or a place in the forum I can place my inquiries properly that would be greatly appreciated.

I am not sure if the marketplace has any, but that’s where you need to look. Look through the other lizards/ other reptiles categories. Those are pretty rare, right?

In the terms of service we don’t use this forum to recommend any specific breeders to avoid favoritism.

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There are some for sale on sites other than morphmarket. Since I cant name breeders directly on the public forum you can feel free to pm me and I can give you the names of the sites selling them or I can give you the link. From what I read alot of them are wild caught so it may be hard to find captive bred

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Heeey :blush: welcome to the family :love_you_gesture:

The thing is, this forum is not for buying and selling. It’s for the discussion of reptiles and how to improve the marketplace over at Morphmarket.

Your best bet would be to start a topic like “who’s got/working with armadillo lizards?” And message users that respond directly (if you click their icon you will see a option to message).

As others have mentioned, the reason we can’t direct you to a specific breeder is because it would be unfair on all the other breeders and also we would rather not be liable for sending you to someone who turns out to be trash. We heavily promote users do their own research on breeders.

That would cross the line as well as it will basically lead to people self promoting.

When it comes to looking for recommendations it’s all about the wording and what is allowed and what is not whether in the title or the post.

Here are some of the things we do not want to see and that will lead to removal of a post

“Looking for such or such followed by do you breed and or sale”

“Looking for such or such giving age, sex etc” too many specific looking like an ad"

“Let me know if you part on any of those”

“Let me know if any will be available”


“Looking to buy”


Now what is accepted?

We allow people to ask for recommendations when it comes to hard to find species we have been lenient (also this could change if the forum becomes filled with those type of posts), however do not expect recommendation when it comes to popular species that can easily be found on because we will not promote a breeder over another as it would not be fair.

So how to go about wording?

Well in this case a simple, “I am looking for recommendation on Armadillo Lizard breeder” if this is a rare species, this is a simple sentence that does not get into detail and is not seen as infringing our TOS.

For additional questions or when in doubt please feel free to ask a staff member directly via PM what is allowed and what is not and in the meantime here are our guidelines


hi, i can see that this is a very, very old question/reply but i am very, interested in armadillo lizards and have actually been looking into trying to fin done for a while, if you still have any link to some cites and breeders who sell them it would be greatly appreciated!!