New western hognose issue

I just got my first snake and I chose a Western Hognose. She is a baby and was very docile at first but now that I have her in her terrarium she keeps striking at me and hissing. When I first got her she was the only female and she was super calm while the others got super mad and started striking so I chose her. I think she is hungry but nobody thinks she is. she gets super feisty every time we get close to her. I have had her less than a week and the reptile guy said to wait a week before feeding her but I am worried that he is wrong and she does not feel safe because she is not being fed.

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Dont worry your snake is fine, hognoses usually are the pissy type, just be patient and wait for the week, she might be a little bit stressed out, after the week had finished try handling her, be brave when pulling her out of her cage, she wont bite you most likely, shes just doing fake strikes from what iv seen, once you do daily or weekly handing she should calm down, but all snakes have their own personalities, so she might just stay hissy throught her life, oh and make sure once the week is over, try feeding her, then wait a day or two before handling. :blush:


That’s definitely a hognose thing! Mine all give me attitude at times, most of them are just cage defensive. As stated, just give her some time to settle in.

A hungry snake won’t show defensive behaviors, but rather a feeding response.
My adult hog Mocha has tried on multiple occasions to eat my fingers… even my wrist once. You’d think I never feed her with the way she acts at times :joy:
I’ve also had my boy Mango try to nibble on me, but I think that was because I was handling mice right before lol

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Update: she has calmed down a bit, I was able to change her water and she didn’t hiss nor fake strike at me. We decided we would feed her just a day before we got her because none of the workers knew when she was fed last because they had just got them all in. She is sleeping peacfully now.


There can be a lot of various reasons why you are experiencing this, and without details it is hard to tell.

As a general rule hognose are fiesty and have a tendency for attitude and drama, all bark no bite, they like to bluff a lot, usually males more than females but females do it to.

I had one like that - she’d still try and headbutt me after years - until I took her to vet and that bloke was contagious - she got a skin infection from there and eventually died. Absolutely heartbroken. Then I managed to run into the same guy again at a different vet and another snake infected.
I eventually managed to work out how to cure it - slather the snake with baytril & vaseline mixture. It’s something bacterial but my normal vet has never seen it before. It’s like swollen skin under the scales on shed and constant shedding leaving horrible brown bits and deformed scales.

Your little one sounds perfectly normal - they all do that… If a Hognose snake quiet I’d be worried.