Newbie breeder incubation question

Hi all. I just had my very first clutch laid on 3/14. Pairing was a pastel clown x lesser. I’ve got a bit of the first time jitters and paranoia of wondering if I’m doing things correctly. I think I’ve followed all the guidelines I’ve seen in videos/on the web doing research, but I have a few questions I’m hoping someone can help me with.

For a little background, I’ve got the incubator set on 88F. Inside the egg tub is 90F with humidity at 99%.

I see a bit of moisture on the sides of the tub, which I believe is normal. I chose not to use press and seal on the tub.

I keep having a droplet form on just one of the eggs. Oddly enough, there is a discoloration on the egg where the water droplet keeps forming, however I believe that spot may have been on the egg already when I pulled the clutch.

I have dabbed this off twice now since the tub setup. I don’t want to keep messing with it for fear of messing up the incubation. There is moisture on the lid, however, as far as I can tell this is not dropping off the lid unless I am missing something in my observations. I guess my question is, is this normal? Is that single droplet going to cause any problems if I don’t keep dabbing it off or find a way to prevent it from forming? Maybe I need to toss a paper towel in there to absorb some moisture? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Condensation on the side is fine, on the top however it can quickly become prolematic and should be avoided.

It would be different if it was in the last week of incubation which at that stage it does not matter anymore.

So I highly recommend that you adress this ASAP.

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Thank you for your response. Do you think adding a paper towel to absorb some moisture would do the trick? I assume adding press and seal wrap would hold moisture in more and make it worse. The substrate is hatchrite. I didn’t mix my own substrate.