Newbie breeding question

Hey, does anyone out there know a lot about the family tree, and what happens when you breed different morphs of ball pythons?

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I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. Do you understand the basic genetics of dominant, co dom, and recessive genes? Before you even think about breeding I recommend that you look into basic genetics and get a good understanding of it. What do you also mean by family tree? I just want to be sure I understand your question.

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I don’t completely know about all of the basic genetics, but that is really why I am here asking. By the family tree, I am talking about the first ball python morph that was ever a thing and what they bred it with to get the next morph and so on.

The first morphs were basic co doms like pastel, spider, and jungle. When you breed ball pythons that have different morphs it does not mean you are creating a new morph, you are simply creating a ball python with different genes all in one snake. As far as getting a good understanding of genetics I recommend watching youtube videos from well known breeders.