Newbie/ excited to learn

whats up world, long story short, i love animals mainly dogs, ( bully breeds ) a cousin of mines contacted me and asked if i wanted to adopt my nieces Leopard Geckos because shes bored of them lol any how during these crazy times with being indoors, i needed something new to entertain me. quickly fell in love with these little bad ass creatures. I live in the Bay Area and im excited to learn more about them. the super giants definitely caught my attention. i hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this crazy times


@chinonica Welcome to the community! You can find a wealth of knowledge and some awesome reptiles here on MM. Enjoy your geckos and the rest of the hobby!

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Hi and welcome! This forum is a great place to learn if you are at all interested in genetics, breeding, husbandry, and so on. You mentioned you like bully breeds so here is mine!


Hello and welcome!

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