Newbie Incoming 😅

Hello, just wanted to say hello and ive been enjoying reading all your posts and seeing all your corns over the last few days while i was researching for my new baby noodle

Here’s some pictures of my lil guy(?). Pet store said male but also admitted they werent 100%. He came to them 7/12 so we know he’s at least a month old + however long he was at the breeders. Had his first feed here sucessful first attempt on Sunday.


Welcome! He’s a cute little guy. What’s his name?


Hello and welcome to the forum Newbie Incoming! That’s a very nice little corn you have there! Corn snakes are one of the best snakes you can start with! Great eaters they are as yours has already proven!

From what I understand male and female corns grow to be pretty much the same size so probing or popping are the 2 surest ways to determine the sex.

I see @solarserpents Olivia is replying so she be able to tell you what morph you have. I would guess there is some caramel in the mix……?

Also do we have a name picked out? :thinking:


Thankyou :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. He is such a charmer already but my word is he a wriggly one, but i read that babies tend to be.

I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike for his naming, was gonna give him time to settle in and see how his personality goes. Been toying with Cin(namon) but Perkins (cause of how perky he is) is another contender


Yup baby corns are squirmy. In the wild as babies they are easy pickins for predators. As his human, you will be very scary to him until he figures out you are his personal “lunch lady” and he is not going to be be “your” lunch! :joy:

He will calm down nicely for you and I believe you will really enjoy him! I vote for Perkins! That’s a cute name! Keep us posted on his progress and pics too! :blush:


No caramel, just a nice normal. Should go through quite a nice color change as he grows!


Well bust my buttons Olivia! He looks way too pretty to dub him a “normal”! :joy:. Just kidding! You definitely know your corn morphs!

Thank you for shedding some light :bulb: on the matter! Ya gotta love these little cornies! :sunglasses::heart:


Another week another successful feeding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: fat lil belly. We did end up settling on Perkins in the end


Cute! I love Perkins!


Yup Perky Perkins! Love it! Now that you have the hard part resolved you can simply sit back and watch him grow! :sunglasses:


Congrats on your first snake! Perkins is seriously cute, and I love the name. I love the colours on wild-type corns. His squirminess should decrease with consistent handling, and as he grows in size and confidence.

I don’t keep corns, so I can’t offer any specific advice, but just make sure that enclosure is secure! They can be escape artists, especially when they’re tiny. They’re stronger than you think and can force themselves through gaps you’d never expect.

Also, as someone once told me, snakes are a lot like potato chips. Most people can’t stop at having just one. You’ve been warned! :joy:


Aha most definitely. I have all the holes the cables come through blocked up on the off-chance he decides to pull a houdini.

The morphs already have me thinking this is gonna turn into a ‘gotta catch em all’ situation :sweat_smile:.

He decided he was a poket snek today :rofl:


Perkins first shed!

Can see his face in it aha! Seems to be nearly 100% but cant find the tip of his tail and he only ate yesterday.

How long should i give him before i go investigating to make sure the end of his tails not stuck :rofl:



Since he just ate yesterday, just give him at least one more day before you check him out.


Gosh, I somehow missed this thread in my out-of-pocket January. Belated welcome to you, @enchantica and to the adorable Perkins! Can’t go wrong worth a corn snake and he’s a cutie.

Hopefully, his tail tip shed correctly. If not, once he’s had a chance to digest you should be able to put him into a moist hide with damp moss or damp paper towels or even a washcloth for a couple hours and see if he gets it off himself. If not, you may be able to help him by letting him wriggle through your hand while you hold a damp washcloth.


It is as i feared, he did not shed it and ive only been able to get ahold of him for a pic today. Ive stuck him in his hide with his moss and also sent him for a swim so hopefully he shakes it off


I would moisten a paper towel or wash cloth and have him slither through it while you apply gentle pressure.


You can very easily remove that shed as @solarserpents suggested. Personally I like to use a warm washcloth. You will have more traction with it. Do not be afraid to take hold of the tail with the washcloth and slide it down the tail gently but firmly at the same time. You can let him go for a quick warm swim first if you want. It’s very important to get all the the shed off the tail including the very tip……. You got this!


Thanks everyone. We got it!

He was not happy with the cloth at first but then i think he clued in to what we were doing as he started wiggling his tail to and fro as he slid through :sweat_smile:


Awesome! Glad it came off easily.